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Chalkidona are by far the suprise of the league thus far. They suprised AEK, whom although may not be in the best of form, are still a league contending material with the players they have in their squad.

This newly promoted team seems like a hard nut to crack, hopefully we can get another big score win (like the one against Panionios) to gain some more confidence ahead of the crucial game against Stuttgart which will depend greatly if we are to compete for qualification to the next round of the CL or UEFA Cup.

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Goddammit. Today I read that Vardi hosted a dinner for all PAO and said Shoum has his ..confidence! What the heck??

File Evergreen, if I may say, forget UEFA this year. We ain't got it. We should focus on the Greek championship, because if not us there is NO other team to challenge OLY. Can you image 8 consecutive titles??

Shoum has to go now. Bring in someone who knows the team and the Greek mentality and hope for the best... Focus on the protathlima only. If by a miracle we go the UEFA, this will be the worst thing. We will be thrashed again, and lose ground in the Greek league.

We have to start builting PAO now, not with SHoum though.

I'm happy to see Halkidona and other teams like that do well, but we must win this Sunday.

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Latest news state that Zutautas is going to the Bench and that Basinas is taking his position in the pitch. After basinas's meeting with Jigger, it was decided that he is not performing due to the fact that he is not playing in his familiar position. This is why during the game against Panionios, he performed much better. It was because Zutatutas was out and Basi in his original position. From now on, it is believed that Maric will play in the left wing along Basinas and Michaelsen in the midfield, having Sanmartean in front of them, and Papadopoylos Konstantinou up front.....

I think that this is the wisest thing to do.. Apart from leaving this idiot Zutautas in the Bench, I think that the next thing we should do is start putting Michaelsen back in the squad and send Epale back to where he came from!!!!!! Finally, the last and certently not least we should do is sell Konstadinedes to the Cubans, so that we will never see him play football again!!!! :tup: :tup:

Lets hope that PAO will perform better from now on, starting from Chalkidona which is a critical match...

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zutautus on the bench??? it has taken shoum 8 weeks to realzie this....i wouldnt have started him from day one...i wouldnt have even bought the m#$%!....basinas is finally playing in his CORRECT position....the line up last weekend was good and if shoum keeps that, then we will do fine vs chalkidona...

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Νικοπολίδης, Σεϊταρίδης, Κωνσταντινίδης, Χέρνικσεν, Γκούμας, Μπασινάς, Μινχ, Μικάελσεν, Μάριτς, Παπαδόπουλος, Κωνσταντίνου

thats good no zoutaou but minx sucks too. wheres sanmartean?

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Ok, Chalkidona has been playing surprisingly well, BUT, come on now.... We should clear these games IF we had a good team.

This is how our team has been losing titles, dropping games to lesser teams. Of course, in past years we could field a reasonable team, but this year WE SUCK!!!

Brothers, we need a revolution NOW. What do we have to show for this season???? NOTHING.

And, although it would hurt to have these results, IF I felt we are building a new team, I'd bite my lip and hope for the future. I have NO hope right now.

The same downrotten climate is in the team as well. Shoum must go. Dioikisi should resign. NOW.

Bravo to Halkidona! They play with heart.

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Osous deipnous kai na kanoune stous paixtes, osa tsampa tsatsoeisitiria kai na dosoun stous opadous DEN PROKEITE NA GINEI TI-PO-TA.


Meta to ksulo sti paiania anti na kanoune kati, mazepsane skoupidia kai kapoia mellontika ergaleia (sanmartean, papadopoulos, moris). afiane enan kalo proponiti na fugei kai mas ferane enan KARAGIOZI epeidi ekleise ta matia tou o GIAXVE kai nikise ena europaiko tsantiri ton Gavro kai ta tsiko tis Man Utd...

KAI ME TIN ANO TRAXANOPLAGIA KARDITSIS na paixoume, me 4 amuntika xaf, me Konstadinidi mpak kai minx mprosta (akouson akouson) me anuparkta epithetika akra, me 10ari pou paizei 10 lepta (kai pou sou ekane poio polles faseis apo olous mazi se 80 lepta), me epithetikous pou anti na pairnoun kathetes mpalies pairnoun..giomes, s**** tha paixoume, e loipon POU PAS??????

POU PAS??????

to eipa kai prin ligo kairo alla me pareksigisane kapoioi... RIZIKI ANANEOSI ME PROOPTIKI NA PAREIS SE ENAN XRONO PROTATHLIMA KAI KALI POREIA SE EUROPI DEN KANEIS ME 7 METAGRAFES kai proponiti SUNOLO 600.000 EURO = 225 ekatomuria draxmes (eno prin KAN ksekiniseis ti xronia exeis vgalei 1,5 dis apo champions legue kai 1 dis tileoptika)....




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