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Rodos merger?


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I thought it was Rodiakos that merged with Diagoras to create Rodos...

I remember Rodos was in the A' Division around Detari's time (late 1980's - early 1990's).

As for colours, I remember blue and red but was that Rodos or Diagoras?

This question needs some research...

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Well the information can be found on www.rodosfc.gr or www.diagoras.gr

I struggle to read Greek, so I need it translated. It would be nice if somebody enlightened me to what it says generally.

Diagoras is Blue and Red.

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A short summary from the Rodos FC site:

"In 1968, Diagoras, Dorieus and Rodiakos merged to form AC Rodos.

This club participated in the B' Division for the next 10 years. In 1978, Rodos are finally promoted into the A' Division under coach Michalis Bellis (former Panathinaikos left back).

The remain there for 2 seasons and are relegated in 1980. The following season they are promoted once again only to be relegated in 1983. They play in the B' Division until 1985 and in 1988 are relegated once again into the D' Division.

The team plays either in Division C' or Division D' until 1994 when they merge with Diagoras forming the club "Rodos-Diagoras United". In 1998 the club goes out of existance for financial reasons only to be re-established in 1999, merging with AC Panoyiannion. In 2001, the club returned to D' Division."

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Thanks Irlandos.

I didn't know this information. I must say it has confused me a little. I remember seeing a Rodos side in the A Division around the late 80's, playing in a Red and Gold striped jersey ... according to one fellow this is when AC Rodos (Green/White) merged with Diagoras (Blue/Red) to play in the A Division ... I was just wanting to finally ease my curiosity.

Thanks for translating.

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