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Olympiakos - AEK, Championship 2004/05


What do you think ?  

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  1. 1. What do you think ?

    • Olympiakos wins
    • They will draw
    • AEK does it again

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This Sunday we are going in a promising market...., where there is a good client waiting to us.

This client is desperately looking around in the European Markets this week in order to get there finally the due recognition....

Beside our good results of the past saisons (2-1 and 1:0), the client might meet us a bit exhausted due to his European Adventure.... and we might confirm for the 3rd time our superiority on his ground....and also be the firts team, which beats them in the new Karaiskaki.....

So, we are near to write history.....

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Last time AEK played Olympiakos was in November where both teams played very lack luster

alot had to do with Olympiakos being exhausted from their European, League and Cup commitments

but their still isn't an excuse

Olympiakos will win in Karaiskaki

this game will be played with fans if i am correct b/c the whole Ergotelis thing is on an appeal

Olympiakos needs to win

they will be tired playing a hard fought game v Paok and with the upcoming game v Newcastle

AEK as been tremedous this year

knocking of Pao was the highlight from the cup and beating them in the championship

but Pao isn't Olympiakos

and this is Karaiskaki where opponents are welcomed and nuttin more

Olympiakos championship is on the line and they will win

AEK will be in a counter attack they don't score many goals but don't give up many either

all depends if Olympiakos finds the back of the net

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What a big game with implications, for both sides. Of course it remains to be seen what kind of natural high OSFP will be on, considering the Newcastle match is a few days before the derby. Hopefully we lock a win there, and head back a few days later with heads high and the chest out.

Heres hopes also to the heart and blood being at Karaiskakh, still waiting on the damned appeal. Not because they will be our "12th man" but because to really see what the two teams have and dont have.

My best wishes for a game with some thea and no "other forces" chaning the flow of the game, and may the best club win.



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Looks like the appeal was rejected and there will be no fans in the stadium. Kasnaferis is the ref. Krokus has a press conference slated for 17:00 Greece timer today. There is also a chance that there might not be TV coverage for the game as part of the punishment. The pregame climate shows the gay-roi as "adikimenoi"......This makes me nervous.

A derby with no fans is just not the same.

UPDATE: Its on the schedule to be shown on ALPHA at 20:00 on Sunday, so it looks like there is no ban on a metadosh.

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As the Mouse pointed out in a post in another topic .. I am also scared of this game because of what happened on Thursday. Yes, Oly played w/ 9 men for 45 minutes so there will definately be a fatigue factor involved, but Oly are practically playing for the protathlima tomorrow. A loss would bring a whole bunch of trouble to the team w/ Duscan probably getting fired.

On the other hand we have a lot of young guys that were disrespected at the start of the season w/ comments like there is no way AEK is going anywhere this year, Katsouranis got tricked by Demi into staying and he is an idiot for doing so etc.. I think our players want to prove a lot of people wrong and will fight to do so.

Hopefully we wont have any major reffing problems and the outcome of the game will be decided by the players.

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800 AEKtzides were present on AEK's last training ( because they are not allowed to visit today's game) ...in order to give them a last burst .......

I think Kasnaferis won't manipulate the game. I saw him in a European Cup game and his was not at all bad. Off course I don't know if the Greek referees have another behavious in the domestic games.......

Sto Gerokomio exoune tipsis kai etsi kai xasoune to match...tha gini ano kato sto spiti tous....

This will be a classical Derby between ...PALATIA KAI LEFTA versus NIATA KAI KARDIA....

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