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AEK - Xalkidona


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Tough match....Xalkidona ripped us twice last year and its still etched in my head. They were being mounia over summer about our EUropean spot and frankly we owe these guys a belting.

I beleive this will be a tough match as Zaxaropoulo is just itching to continue his scoring and whilst Im not syaing this because I beleive the game will be easy, I think its time 1-2 players were rested.

Lybe se parakalw na mou breis to terma........

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I saw the game on TV, and Chalkydona was clearly the better team on the field. At least they should have gotten a tie out of this game. The ref failed to give Chalkydona a clear penalty. AEK scored the goal early and for the rest of the game tried to hold the lead, which they did succesfully.

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I was in OAKA and I can confirm some things discussed above, as well as try to add some details..

TIM is the new sponsor and yes it was on the team shirts

Chalkidona deserved not only a draw but maybe also a win!

To be honest the Penalty Chalkidona asked for did not look like one. But I did not see the highlights after the game to be certain

The Crowd was fantastic! I can only try to immagine the atmosphere when the Stadium was packed vs the Gay! If only the team was a bit better the Championship would be within our grasp despite weaknesses! PAO... get ready ... ;)

The AEk management is doing wonders with OAKA! Perfect for the teams marketing purposes! Huge video walls of top quality played short documentariew of recent AEK games, of the Crowd, the 2 Matches vs. Galata and the trip to Constaninople between TIM adds...

Zikos and Dellas spoke of AEK, and urged the people to keep helping the team

The AEK players spoke one by one and requested fans help despite not being able to promise nothing more than trying to be better at every game!!!

I loved every moment it!

And on top of that the fans were behind the squad ALL THE WAY and despite the fact that Chalkydona was IMO the best team on the pitch!

I will definitelly try to go again when I am in Athens

Dont miss it!


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