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Nations League: Kosovo-Cyprus(27 September 2022, Stadiumi Fadil Vokrri, Pristina)

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So here are the scenarios. Cyprus could finish anywhere from 2nd to 4th(and last) in this group. Best case scenario, Greece beats NI in Athens and Cyprus wins this game in Kosovo. Cyprus gets 2nd. Cyprus can also get 2nd with a win at Kosovo and a draw in Athens.


Cyprus can finish 3rd with a draw and a Greek win over NI, or a win at Kosovo with a Northern Irish win in Athens. 


Unless Greece absolutely lays down a smackdown big enough to overcome the goal differential with NI, and Cypriot loss sees Cyprus finish last and facing another relegation playoff.

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1 Ujkani(GK)

2 Hadergjonaj

13 Rrahmani(Captain)

4 Kryeziu

21 Rrudhani

8 Muslija

5 Fazliji

9 Celina

11 Rashani

18 Muriqi

10 Zeneli




12 Muric(GK)

16 Bekaj(GK)

3 Aliti

6 Kryeziu

7 Rashica

14 Emerllahu

15 Dellova

17 Krasniqi

19 Loshaj

20 Dresevic

22 Domgjoni

23 Bytyqi


Manager: Alain Giresse(FRA)

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1 Panagi(GK)

4 Ioannou

5 Katelaris

14 Roberge

19 Andreou

8 Kyriakou

18 Artymatas(Captain)

20 Kastanos

21 Tzionis

17 Loizou

10 Sotiriou




12 Demetriou(GK)

22 Toumpas(GK)

2 Karo

3 Antoniadis

6 Gogic

7 Efraim

9 Christofi

11 Charalambous

13 Panayiotou

15 Papoulis

16 Correa

23 Kakoullis


Manager: Timur Ketsbaia(GEO)

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