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PAO - Levadiakos


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Just for the record.... PAO managed to get a 0-0 tie from Levadiakos at Leoforos  today, 1/29/2017.

No interest for games like that any longer, I see...  Don't blame anyone really.  I wouldn't spend my money to see the game if I were in Athens. Dreary atmosphere, bad spectacle, and I'd get upset that the best scoring chance of the game belongs to Levadiakos.


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Is there no motivation, or they just can't play well? Or, both?

I'd guess PAO has a much bigger budget than Levadiakos and most of the other Greek teams, but PAO doesn't seem to get it together this season.

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the only way we are going to score goals the way ouzuonidis plays is if we get a front 3 of alexis sanchez,neymar and suarez,at one stage we had a cross going into the levadiakos box and instead of having players charging into the box we had 5 players marking mantzios,we never had more than 3 players in the levadiakos box and they were up against 8 defenders,how are you going to score?

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I didn't watch the match... found something better to do with my time. But, if you're right, then is it OUzou who told them how to play or that the players didn't go into the box?

As I read the sports sites, PAO played like a third rate team and didn't really create scoring chances in this game.

Lybe spoke with angry fans after the game and said they players basically can't do anything more....

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