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Maribor - PAO


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They should stop making excuses, ever since last year. We all know about the sh*ty league. I don't get upset when PAO loses to a bigger club.

But, PAO has been losing to clubs with smaller budgets. I bet you that the Slovenian team has a smaller budget than ours. Or, the Greek teams that seem to do much better under the circumstances.

I know, I know, Ferreira isn't the only problem, but a shake-up is necessary and a coach change usually is on the top of the list.

I like the guy and I think he cares for the club. He hasn't been a great strategist and I doubt he has fostered a good internal culture.

I didn't see this game, kind of glad I missed it. It'd be painful to think that PAO would chew such teams for lunch in the past, even under difficult times.

This is so pathetic :tdown:

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Can someone remind me of a worse excuse of a game than vs Maribor?

Karagounis was not good enough for this team!!!? :o

Fornarolli , Zeka Toche, Vitolo, make me want to throw up!

Not that Pinto and Velasquez are any better...

Play the young Greek boys, at least they might care, or improve.

There is little to lose at this point!

Embarrassing :angry:


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