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Motherwell - PAO


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Thanks Irlandos.

If anyone cares to know, that was actually a good draw for PAO, who was seeded along with FC Dynamo Kyiv (UKR), FC København (DEN), Fenerbahçe SK (TUR)

The other options were, Club Brugge KV (BEL), FC Vaslui (ROU), Feyenoord (NED)

If PAO advances, they join the four winners of the above 3rd round along with these six teams, SC Braga, FC Spartak Moskva, Udinese Calcio, LOSC Lille Métropole, Málaga CF and VfL Borussia Mönchengladbach, in the play-offs.

It is important, as we can see, to make through.

Our chances in the playoff round would be slim,

but at least we get to the Europa League.

I am communicating with Motherwell fans, many of which will travel to Athens.


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huge 2 matches for us. i see it being alot more difficult than it should be. a bunch of players will not be ready for this because of injury as well as international duty extended break.

i see us just squeezing two results out, i hope not to see another odense, we have a history of starting very slow.

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the team flew to scotland today.

we flew without

pinto and sow (injuries) kapino (sick), xouxoumi, doni, kousidi, marinaki, triantafyllopoulo and barbarousses (olympics)

apparently the team will look something like.

karnezi, vyntra, boumsong, velasquez, spyropoulo, vitolo, marino, lazaro, zeka, sissoko, toche.

unless ferreira chooses to play vyntra, boumsong and velasquez as a 3 back line.

i dont know much about motherwell. i have not seen much from the team in preseason despite acouple low key friendlies. this is a tough match to walk inot without any real tests under our belt so far in preseason. hopefully we see a positive outcome.

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Just for morale PAO should advance past this team.

But, getting to the CL is another story. The other teams are much stronger so we need another lucky draw to make it to the CL and the $$$. Otherwise gavroi will get all the CL money.

I hope I can catch a live stream tomorrow at 2:45pm Eeastern time. I want to see how this new team responds to a serious game.

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FT: Motherwell - PAO 0-2

Yes, I caught a live stream.

How have you been, our local Dundee Utd supporter?

PAO looked grand when they controlled the ball.

Sissoko impressed - Motherwell did not. You could tell they replaced someone else in the CL...

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PAO was OK.

Better than I expected.

I liked the quickness, that comes from the coaches.

No time wasting with the ball, which is the trademark of the Greek league...

Sissoko was good, he reminds me a little of Borelli.

Passes at the right time, creates, he is light on his feet, even defends!

Motherwell was like I expected.

We were lucky to draw them...

Overall well done.

Let's not be ungrateful now.

This was the first game.

Most important, they can relax and play well on the return game at OAKA.

The tickets are cheap, 10 and 30 euro. Descent for a CL qual

So far I like the mentality, Fereira is teaching.


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PAO got what they wanted and more from this game. Well done, given what transpired already and not fully ready as a team.

But, they must play better in the next round where it'll be harder.

I like Sissoko, great runner and uses space effectively.

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How have you been, our local Dundee Utd supporter?

Fine and well thanks. Looking forward to what will be an interesting season over here. All starting with the home game against Dynamo Moscow on Thursday. Big changes are being made at clubs across the SPL due to lower budgets. This should probably have happened years ago, but is only happening now due to 'The' ;) Rangers factor. Dundee United have lost another 5 or 6 of last season's starting 11, as was the case the year before. Squad sizes are being cut, as are salaries, in a bid to reduce debts.

Motherwell are in the same boat, and are not as strong a side as they were last year. I think they will be happy enough with their performance tonight against a team with far greater quality. This was Motherwell's biggest European tie, and they chose to have a go rather than sit back and try to steal something in Athens. In truth, with a very mediocre defence, they would have been destroyed if they invited PAO to attack all evening.

Posted Image

Spot the small band of PAO fans who braved our typically miserable summer weather.

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got to enjoy the match, some good things and some bad.

karnezi looked solid. assured in the air and coming out of the net. he also made a very nice save on a freekick in the second half. boumsong was a rock and will be the one of the leaders of this team. sema looked a bit out of sorts and took a while to settle into the match. he has little high level experience. he looked good with the ball at his feet for a CB tho. hopefully that helps our distribution out of the back.

vyntra and spyropoulo need to return to the form of 2010. they are here to help lead the team. they are not technically gifted, but they need to be working at a hundred percent in every match. spyropoulo is on a one year contract for good reason, he needs to prove himself on the pitch. vyntra had acouple good crosses and some attacking play, but needs to stop misplacing easy passes.

vitolo was impressive for me today. he dictates play fairly well with short methodical passes and covered alot of ground, stealing loose balls in the middle. marinos worked very hard. despite alot of slack he takes, he has improved. zeca did not really do too much. he took too long to get into the match.

i think lazaro played well. despite the fact that he holds onto the ball too long, i think ferreira is encouraging him to do so. he is very technically gifted. he got tired and starting losing the ball too easily. he was however involved in all of our big chances. sissoko looked great. man of the match performance. he is very much like quincy, but a bit less explosive in tight spaces. he rose up to the occasion tonight. another big difference from quincy is that he DEFENDS! he works hard and was everywhere on the pitch tonight.

same toche as last year. despite the fact that he misses alot of chances, i see him easily with at least 15 goals this year. MAVRIA is going to be a great talent. that goal was a beautiful thing. watch it from start to finish.

ferreira prepared the team well despite the fact that we looked fatigued. he made the right moves. you can tell what he is trying to accomplish and how he wants to team to play. we played some good football at times. passing the ball well on the ground, with good movement. but we also looked too shaky at the back and in the midfield, making careless passes and losing the ball easily. we also need to be more cutting edge in attack and finish our chances and half chances. there is alot of work to be done.

the tie is not over yet. we have another leg to go and motherwell will come at us. if we play as we did today, we should not have a big problem, but i would like to see the team improve next match.

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pao123 I agree with almost everything you've said. I don't think like Toche, and also this tie is over! Let's not be politically correct, let's be honest, if we go out it will be the worst performance in living memory. Motherwell would probably get relegated in Greece, I didn't see anything to suggest they are better than Ergotelis or Panetolikos for instance. So I don't want to get too excited yet. We showed glimpses of some really good stuff, but we are certainly lacking a centre forward and a defence. I'm also not 100% convinced about Karnezis, but he was solid yesterday.

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