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Got to say i cringred at when i heard that kostenoglou was gonig to be our coach but got to hand it to him, he has done a superb job with the boys playing the youth and the players beleiving in his system aek is becoming a unit the problems are still there but that aside bravo to the boys great run, undefeated in 6 straight.

A s for sturm what a bunch of chumps the loss in oaka was not that sturm was better then aek aek handed that win with a bus load of missed chances and the game changer with dellas red.

Let make it a yellow&black x-mas with a win with atromito who is know struggling right know.

CHEERS :tup:

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i very much like aek playing with young greeks...we have alot of young talent and we need managers that will utilize them and help them improve..

hopefully klonaridi will come to his senses and decided to wear the blue and white..

despite the poor european outing, i must congratulate you on the win..every point counts!!!

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