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Manchester City-Omonoia

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Omonoia with a tough comeback attempt to make in Manchester. Chances are, we will be out of Europe after this one. Whatever happens, it's been a great run, and I love this club!

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Trifyllara can do it, but it's gonna be tough. Robinho and SWP were well defended, but then some nobody by the name of Jo strikes 2. I don't get it

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I'm planning on going to this match, as I live quite close to Manchester, but can any Omonoia fans give me some advice about how I can buy a ticket for this match? I e-mailed Man City (requesting a ticket for the away stand) and they replied saying that I need to contact Omonoia directly, but the Omonoia official website has been offline for a month, and they havn't replied to my e-mail requesting a ticket.

Is there any Omonoia supporters based in the UK that were able to buy tickets?

If I get no luck, then I will have to buy a ticket for the home sector of the stadium, sitting with Manchester City supporters :(

I think that if Man City rest a few of their big name players and play their 'B' team in this match, maybe Nicosia can produce a surprise. :tup:

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Thanks, but maybe you can help me, if you can provide me with a phone number to contact the club directly, then maybe I can contact the club on Monday and possibly arrange to pick up a ticket from the hotel that the team will stay in.

Or maybe do you know a phone number or e-mail address of a UK based supporters club?

Thanks :)

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No, I have none of that. Sadly omonoia.com.cy has been down for quite a while now. They claim they'll be back up soon but so far nothing.

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I'm really getting excited, and for some reason, I'M STARTING TO BELIEVE!!!!!!!!!!! :tup: :tup: :box: :box:

No Duro or Kasega for Omonoia (BIG LOSSES!) but with Okkas, Aloneftis, and Christofi in the team Omonoia have some serious fire-power. GERA OMONOIA GERA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your cousins in the line up Omonoia9... let's hope he gets the greatest hatrick of his career! :P

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Finally my net works!

Omonoia XI

30 Georgallides

3 Ndikumana

4 Wenzel

6 Pletsch

8 Žlogar

10 Kaiafas

20 Bangura

25 Okkas

33 Charalambous

46 Aloneftis

77 Christofi

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City XI

1 Hart

5 Zabaleta

2 Richards

26 Ben Haim

15 Garrido

8 Wright-Phillips

7 Ireland

33 Kompany

11 Elano

10 Robinho

14 Jô

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Btw shout out to APOEL. Those of you who don't know, APOEL is out, but not before earning a draw in Gelsenkirchen!

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Towards the very end of the half City created a couple of good scoring chances. Other than that, there's nothing separating the two teams.

Btw, Kaiafas walked off injured towards the 45' mark. He's contributed little, anyway.

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Half time: 0-0.

Omonoia started off well but the last 15 mins Man City have retained possession well. Omonoia need to impose themselves on the game again and commit some more players forward. Haralambous looks pathetic again, such a poor player!!!

Omonoia need to score in the next 30 mins... if we manage that. We'll see another Cypriot miracle ;)

Fantastic show by the Omonoia fans once again!


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