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Cup game:Olympiakos-Pao

Who will become the favorite to win the Greek CUP by winning this game?  

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  1. 1. Who will become the favorite to win the Greek CUP by winning this game?

    • DRAW and rematch leg

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off-course dude!

Is there anyone else that can cause a threat??

Aris,Larisa,Xanthi and (Iraklis or Panionios) are not at our level but they can do the damage if we play like we did on sunday.A good day olympiakos can beat anyone,an average olympiakos not.
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Nikopolidis,Pantos,Cezar,Antzas,Zevlakow,Torosidis,Patsatzoglou,Djole,Sisic,Lua Lua and Kovacevic.We are playing average but Pao is really bad so far.

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yeah all one mistakes last match....

4-0........OSFP deserved a win but not by that margin. Galinovc's pathetic keeping on the second (the shot was right at him and he couldnt knock it out for a corner - pretty sad) opened the floodgates.

I expected PAO's performance to drop since last game (whenever we play well we prefer to play our next 4 games terribly)

Lua goal was nice, he played well, Galinovic should be credited with the second goal, because he stopped it THEN knocked it in being the moron he is.. Didnt see the 4th, I prefered not to waste my time..

Man of the Match was Lua Lua.... Loser of the match was Galinovic and his defense.

That was basically the cup final too, unless Ksanthi (whove been playing well) can win it all...

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The good thing is that even if the score is not acurate as to the game in hand but we must agree that Olympiakos played a lot better than sunday,with some dead moments but Pao was horible with the exception of the start of the second half and untill the Salpigidis missed shot.After that Olympiakos remembered his european self and really took care of business.Lua Lua and Nunez goals were amazing.

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