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The Toronto Raptors ended up with a player from the National Basketball Association draft after all - but he's not expected to be on the roster next season.

With only moments to go before the draft ended on Thursday, the Raptors, who, because of past deals, didn't have a pick in the two-round affair, traded the rights to their second-round pick in 2008 for Giorgos Printezis, who had been selected 58th overall by the San Antonio Spurs.

The 6-foot-8, 220-pound, 22-year-old forward from Greece caught the eye of the Raptors at the recently completed RBK Eurocamp in Treviso, Italy, where he showed some good three-point range as well as a willingness to compete inside while playing as a small forward.

Printezis said he was surprised to end up with the Raptors, but was pleased, based on the club's reputation.

"I know that it's a very good organization and the team is very nice and [is] one team that trusts European players," he said yesterday in a telephone conference call. "And that's what I like, because it's difficult if you are one European player on a team of American guys."

Printezis doesn't expect to play in the NBA immediately, but plans to make the jump in time.

"When I start to play basketball, I look day by day, step by step," he said. "I can't say today I'm ready or tomorrow [for the NBA]. When I'm ready, I will come for sure."

Printezis averaged 11.5 points and 4.0 rebounds in 24 games last season with Olimpia GE Larisa in the Greek AI league.

He played for Olympiakos Piraeus from 2000 to 2006 and was on loan to Olimpia Larisa for the 2006-07 season. He is signed with Olympiakos Piraeus for the 2007-08 campaign.

NBA Comparison: N/A

Strengths: Small forward who plays with great energy and hustle ... Really has a great attitude and knows no other way than giving full effort ... Solid athlete, with good size to play the 3 ... Very strong one on one player considering he's European ... Has solid aggressiveness, attacking the basket ... A great kid who competes hard who has a chance to develop into an NBA player in a few seasons ... His ball handling is good for a 3 but can imporve ... His style of play is somewhat like Antawn Jamison, as he scores alot around the basket ... Willing to do the dirty work, crashes the boards hard ... Will get on the floor for loose balls and take charges ...

Weaknesses: He is a solid athlete with a nice array of skills but doesn't stand out in any one area, besides his hustle ... Needs to become more polished offensively ... Not a great passer, but shows a willingness to look for the open teammate ... Lacks great foot speed laterally, but not terrible ... Can improve upon his range, shot off the dribble ...

Notes: Emerged as one of the top 1985 born International prospects at the 2007 RBK Eurocamp.

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