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  1. If any of you think we will qualify for the next World Cup think again. In the next qualifying for the WC there will be 12 groups. Only the 12 1st place teams will qualify. The 12 2nd place plus 4 best from the nations league will be divided into 4 groups for the last 4 spots. Mission impossible. Especially that they will be in pot 3 or 4. And will struggle in B division of Nations league.
  2. Lol at least they qualify every time. 11 times. if you think Greece has a shot of qualifying in 2yrs time you better put the bottle down. After this game they will drop in rankings. We will never qualify again because of rankings. We will be pot3/4 team
  3. The Dutch have officially qualified. There’s no chance in Greece getting 2nd. The Dutch of the tie breaker from the win.
  4. Vlachodimas was playing today for Benfica. In league cup. 3-2 win for Benfica. These last 2 results for Greece have been embarrassing. Are only hope of qualifying for the next Euros will be through the nations league playoffs. But even that seems impossible lol ??
  5. I’m amazed some of you have such high hopes lol. No way we are battling for 2nd place. That will be left to France or the Netherlands. The Netherlands are in the final 4 of the Nations league and France even though they are going through a dry spell have a formidable team that can cut you open. 3rd place would be a respectable finish for Greece. Don’t get me wrong I will be watching and praying for a 1st or 2nd place but this team in the last 6-7 yrs has proven that they don’t have it in them. Our only hope of getting to Germany will be via the playoffs. Hopefully Turkey qualify because it will be a hard game if they don’t.
  6. This is the result of the low rankings. Being in Pot 4 the odds of getting a terrible group are so high. No way in hell will we qualify directly. Will be a fight with Ireland for the 3rd spot. The only hope of qualifying will be via the Nations league playoffs. But even then we will need to beat 2 teams. 12 teams 3 groups of 4. Won’t be easy. Teams from groups A, B and C. it’s imperative that Greece take 3rd spot in this group if they can’t get 1 or 2. with no World Cup, then a hard Euro Qualifying we will probably drop in rankings making the next World Cup qualifying even harder. Being in the lower pots.
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