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  1. In Munich, Germany we have a multi-sport event outside of athletics which started on August 11 and runs through August 21. 4 Greeks in rowing were awarded medals today Antonios Papakonstantinou - Gold (Lightweight Men's Single Sculls) Stefanos Douskos - Silver (Men's Single Sculls) Zoi Fitsiou - Silver (Lightweight Women's Single Sculls) Evangelia Anastasiadou - Silver (Women's Single Sculls)
  2. It is pretty odd both Vasiliou and Emmanouilidou claim they have health issues most recently after they were training and competed in meets or championships. In order for Frantzeskakis to medal, he will need to throw well above 78.15. Tzengko recently competed in two meets and threw over 61 meters both times. Hopefully, that is a sign of good things to come. I love to see her battle it out with Vilagos of Serbia. This will be the top rivals in years to come.
  3. Schedule for the Greek athletes in the 2022 European Athletics Championships Local times in Munich Monday, August 15 10:25 Women's Pole Vault (Q) Stefanidi, Polak 11:05 Women's 100 Meters (H) Spanoudaki 12:10 Men's Long Jump (Q) Tentoglou 18:15 Women's Discus Throw (Q-A) 19:25 (Q-B) Anagnostopoulou 20:05 Men's Triple Jump (Q) Tsiamis, Pantazis, Andrikopoulos Tuesday, August 16 08:30 Men's 35 Kilometers Race Walk (F) Papamichail 08:30 Women's 35 Kilometers Race Walk (F) Drisbioti, Filtisakou, Kourkoutsaki 09:50 Women's Long Jump (Q) Chitidou 12:15 Women's Hammer Throw (Q-A) 13:30 (Q-B) Skarveli 18:35 Men's High Jump (Q) Merlos 20:27 Men's Long Jump (F) 20:35 Women's 100 Meters (SF) 21:02 Women's Discus Throw (F) 22:25 Women's 100 Meters (F) Wednesday, August 17 09:35 Men's Hammer Throw (Q-A) 10:50 (Q-B) Frantzeskakis, Anastasakis 11:40 Women's 400 Meters Hurdles (H) Gnafaki 12:35 Women's Triple Jump (Q) Karydi 20:00 Women's Pole Vault (F) 20:15 Men's Triple Jump (F) 21:05 Women's Hammer Throw (F) Thursday, August 18 09:00 Women's Javelin Throw (Q-A) 10:15 (Q-B) Tzengko 10:50 Men's Pole Vault (Q) Karalis 11:55 Women's 400 Meters Hurdles (SF) 12:30 Men's 200 Meters (H) Trivyzas 13:05 Women's 200 Meters (H) Anastasiou 20:05 Men's High Jump (F) 20:10 Men's Hammer Throw (F) 20:13 Men's 200 Meters (SF) 20:37 Women's 200 Meters (SF) 20:58 Women's Long Jump (F) Friday, August 19 10:00 Men's 4 x 100 Relay (H) Greece 10:05 Women's High Jump (Q) Gusin 10:25 Women's 4 x 100 Relay (H) Greece 11:40 Women's 4 x 400 Relay (H) Greece 20:55 Women's Triple Jump (F) 21:20 Men's 200 Meters (F) 21:45 Women's 400 Meters Hurdles (F) 22:22 Women's 200 Meters (F) Saturday, August 20 10:15 Women's 20 Kilometers Race Walk (F) Papadopoulou 20:05 Men's Pole Vault (F) 20:25 Women's Javelin Throw (F) 20:43 Women's 100 Meters Hurdles (H) Karagianni, Peseridou 21:45 Women's 4 x 400 Relay (F) Sunday, August 21 19:05 Women's High Jump (F) 19:10 Women's 100 Meters Hurdles (SF) 20:45 Women's 100 Meters Hurdles (F) 21:12 Men's 4 x 100 Relay (F) 21:22 Women's 4 x 100 Relay (F)
  4. Spanoudaki is running the 100 meters, not 200. She is not even ranked in the European top 50 or World's top 100 for the 200 meters. I am guessing three medals, Drisbioti in the mix with Tentoglou and Stefanidi.
  5. 40 Greek athletes will be taking part in the European Championships in Munich, Germany Αναλυτικά η ομάδα Γυναίκες 100 μ.: Ραφαέλα Σπανουδάκη (ΓΣ Ηλιούπολης) 200 μ.: Άρτεμις Αναστασίου (ΠΑΟ) 100 μ. εμπ.: Αναΐς Καραγιάννη (ΑΕΚ), Ελισάβετ Πεσιρίδου (ΑΟ Κάλλιστος) 400 μ. εμπ. Δήμητρα Γναφάκη (ΠΑΟ) Ύψος: Τατιάνα Γκούσιν (ΓΣ Κηφισιάς) Επί κοντώ: Κατερίνα Στεφανίδη (ΑΟ Φιλοθέης), Ελένη Πόλακ (ΑΟ Μεγάρων) Μήκος: Βασιλική Χαϊτίδου (ΠΑΟΚ) Τριπλούν: Σπυριδούλα Καρύδη (ΑΟ Κάλλιστος) Δισκοβολία: Χρυσούλα Αναγνωστοπούλου (ΓΣ Ηλιούπολης) Σφυροβολία: Σταματία Σκαρβέλη (ΓΣ Τρικάλων) Ακοντισμός: Ελίνα Τζένγκο (ΑΣ Κένταυρος) 20χλμ.: Χριστίνα Παπαδοπούλου (ΠΓΣ) 35χλμ. Βάδην: Αντιγόνη Ντρισμπιώτη (ΑΣΣ Αλέξανδρος Μακεδονίας), Κυριακή Φιλτισάκου (Ανατολή Νέας Ιωνίας), Έφη Κουρκουτσάκη (ΓΣ Ιλισός) 4Χ100 μ.: Σπανουδάκη, Αναστασίου, Πολυνίκη Εμμανουηλίδου (ΑΣΣ Αλέξανδρος Μακεδονίας), Πεσιρίδου, Στέλλα Μιχαηλίδου (ΑΟ Ερμής), Αλάνα Μπερν (ΓΣ Ηλιούπολης), Δήμητρα Τσουκαλά (ΠΑΣ Πρωταθλητών Κομ.) 4Χ400 μ.: Ανδριάνα Φέρρα (ΟΣΦΠ), Δέσποινα Μουρτά (ΑΟ Ολυμπίας Πατρών), Γναφάκη, Κορίνα Πολίτη (ΓΣ Λευκάδας), Ευαγγελία Ζυγόρη (ΓΣ Γλυφάδας) Άνδρες 200 μ.: Παναγιώτης Τριβυζάς (ΠΑΟ) Ύψος: Αντώνης Μέρλος (ΠΑΟΚ) Επί κοντώ: Εμμανουήλ Καραλής (ΟΣΦΠ) Μήκος: Μίλτος Τεντόγλου (ΓΣ Κηφισιάς) Τριπλούν: Δημήτρης Τσιάμης (ΟΣΦΠ), Ανδρέας Πανταζής (ΑΟ Μεγάρων), Νίκος Ανδρικόπουλος (Αμεινίας Μεσογείων) Σφυροβολία: Χρήστος Φραντζεσκάκης (ΓΣ Ελευθέριος Βενιζέλος), Μιχάλης Αναστασάκης (ΓΣ Ελευθέριος Βενιζέλος) 35χλμ. βάδην: Αλέξανδρος Παπαμιχαήλ (ΑΟ Μυκόνου) 4Χ100 μ.: Γιάννης Νυφαντόπουλος (ΓΣ Ελευθέριος Βενιζέλος), Τριβυζάς, Κώστας Ζήκος (ΓΕΑ Τρικάλων), Θοδωρής Βροντινός (ΠΑΟΚ), Σωτήρης Γκαραγκάνης (ΑΟ Κάλλιστος), Νίκος Παναγιωτόπουλος (Άθλος Κερατσινίου).
  6. After a 4 year halt in the European Athletics Championship due to COVID-19 which should have taken place in Paris 2020, Munich will be hosting it's grand event (August 15-21). On August 8, we will find out which Greek athletes will be locked in for the competition.
  7. Karalis misses the finals with 5.50, not a good performance. Our last Greek athlete to compete is Alexandros Papamichail on Sunday. Well, I was very pleased to see Drisbioti performed like an elite athlete, 38 years old and still going strong. Always nice to see a Greek National Record take place at these world championships.
  8. Antigoni Drisbioti coming into the 35 km race walk tomorrow with the 5th fastest time of her NR of 2:47:48. As I stated earlier, she has a 50/50 chance to medal. Christina Papadoupolou will also be in this race as she did earlier in the 20 km. Her best time this season is 2:57:39. She could finish in the top 25. Efi Kourkoustaki is our third and final athlete and her SB is 3:11:05. Not the best of the group, I hope she will finish with a PB. Emmanuoil Karalis will be performing in Group A, 5.80 is the automatic qualifying spot. It's possible that 5.70 could be enough to get in. Sadly, he only had a SB of 5.61 outdoors while recovering from a bicep injury which forced him to miss the World Indoors in Belgrade.
  9. Elina Tzengko throws first in Group B, the automatic spot is 62.50. She is an enigma, we don't know which side of her will show up. The one who throws the big ones over 60 meters or the one who usually throws under 60 meters?
  10. Anagnostopoulou finished 19th place at 58.15, still no qualification at the world games or Olympics for her. She has two European Championship finals appearance in her career.
  11. Wow lol Third straight silver medal for Morris, Nageotte is the world champion!
  12. Nina Kennedy of Australia got bronze at 4.80
  13. Stefanidi finishes 5th at 4.70 (season's best). I think her days are over. She isn't the same athlete she was before the pandemic.
  14. Stefanidi said in an interview that she believes 4.80 may be enough to earn gold. This isn't going to be a very competitive finals as many vaulters here hardly passed over 4.70 except for Sandi Morris (4.82), who is favored to win gold.
  15. Biggest shocker in these championships. Never thought he would beat Tentoglou on his final attempt the way he was performing all day long. Silver medal isn't to be ashamed of, he got his first World Outdoor Championship medal to add to his resume.
  16. Spyridoula Karydi finished at 13.63 m (24th) missing the finals. Tatiana Gusin came so close to qualifying coming off her silver medal at the Mediterranean Games equaling her season's best at 1.90 m (13th place). An early miss at 1.81 may have costed her a spot in the finals. Franzeskakis finished 9th in the men's hammer throw finals at 77.04 m. Not a bad performance from the young Cretan, he is not ready yet to medal as it's nearly impossible to do so with 5 hammer throwers over 80 m.
  17. During the weekend, I do expect Tentoglou and Stefanidi to medal, anything less would be a failure. Frantzeskakis not expecting to medal, but hopefully will give a good showing and finish in the top 8.
  18. The scheduled programs for the Greek athletes. Times posted are local in Eugene Friday, July 15 09:05 Men's Hammer Throw Q (Group A) Frantzeskakis, Anastasakis 10:30 Men's Hammer Throw Q (Group B) 12:05 Women's Hammer Throw Q (Group A) Scarveli 13:10 Women's 20 Kilometers Race Walk Finals Filtisakou, Papadopoulos 13:30 Women's Hammer Throw Q (Group B) 17:20 Women's Pole Vault Q Stefanidi, Kyriakopoulou, Polak 18:00 Men's Long Jump Q Tentoglou 18:55 Men's Shot Put Q Scarvelis, Latifllari Saturday, July 16 10:30 Women's Triple Jump Q Karydi 11:10 Women's High Jump Q Gusin 12:00 Men's Hammer Throw Finals 18:20 Men's Long Jump Finals Sunday, July 17 11:35 Women's Hammer Throw Finals 17:25 Women's Pole Vault Finals Monday, July 18 17:10 Women's Discus Throw Q (Group A) Anagnostopoulou 18:20 Women's Triple Jump Finals 18:35 Women's Discus Throw Q (Group B) Tuesday, July 19 17:40 Women's High Jump Finals Wednesday, July 20 15:20 Women's Javelin Throw Q (Group A) Tzengko 16:50 Women's Javelin Throw Q (Group B) 18:30 Women's Discus Throw Finals Friday, July 22 06:15 Women's 35 Kilometers Race Walk Finals Drisbioti, Papadopoulos, Kourkoutsaki 17:05 Men's Pole Vault Q Karalis 18:20 Women's Javelin Throw Finals Sunday, July 24 06:15 Men's 35 Kilometers Race Walk Finals Papamichil 17:25 Men's Pole Vault Finals
  19. Tentoglou should win his first gold at the World Championships. Stefanidi still a medal contender even if she is not in top form, always a threat. Drisbioti is a top 5 race walker in the 35 km, she has a 50/50 shot at a medal The two young athletes who can be a surprise to possibly qualify for the finals are Frantseskakis and Tzengko. Christos is ranked in the top 10 for the men's hammer throw (78.15 lifetime best) and Elina threw the second most distance for the season 65.40 (also lifetime best).
  20. SEGAS announces 19 Greek athletes to take part in the 2022 World Athletics Championships in Eugene, Oregon USA. Some of them have qualified through entry standard dating from 2021/2022, others by world rankings, and two from invites. Men's team Miltiadis Tentoglou (Long Jump) PB 8.60 SB 8.55 (indoors) Emmanouil Karalis (Pole Vault) PB 5.80 SB 5.81 (indoors) Anastasios Latifllari (Shot Put) PB 19.93 SB 19.93 Nicholas Scarvelis (Shot Put) PB 21.05 SB 19.70 Michail Anastasakis (Hammer Throw) PB 77.72 SB 77.30 Christos Frantzeskakis (Hammer Throw) PB 78.15 SB 78.15 Alexandros Papamichail (35 Kilometers Race Walk) PB 2:36:45 SB 2:39:43 Women's team Tatiana Gusin (High Jump) PB 1.94 (indoors) SB 1.90 Nikoleta Kyriakopoulou (Pole Vault) PB 4.83 SB 4.50 Katerina Stefanidi (pole Vault) PB 4.91 SB 4.65 Eleni Polak (Pole Vault) PB 4.71 (indoors) 4.50 Spyridoula Karydi (Triple Jump) PB 14.19 SB 13.82 Chrysoula Anagnostopoulou (Discus Throw) PB 62.40 SB 62.40 Stamatia Scarveli (Hammer Throw) PB 71.43 SB 71.43 Elina Tzengko (Javelin Throw) PB 65.40 SB 65.40 Kiriaki Filtisakou (20 Kilometers Race Walk) PB 1:32:23 SB 1:35:40 Christina Papadopoulou (20 Kilometers Race Walk) PB 1:32:53 SB 1:39:27 Antigoni Drisbioti (35 Kilometers Race Walk) PB 2:47:48 SB 2:47:48 Efi Kourkoutsaki (35 Kilometers Race Walk) PB 3:11:05 SB 3:11:05
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