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  1. I actually don’t think bakasetas is our worst player, for me Bouchalakis really feels like dead weight. 8/10 forward pases he makes result in turnovers.. and that’s a lot for a CDM/CM.

    our best 10 is fortounis but always injured. None of the strikers have had a proper chance to showcase anything because they have never been put in a position to score.

    since we do not have a CAM, I think we should rely on the wingers and crosses from the likes of tsimikas and just get a tall CF who can header them in. Until we find the proper CAM that is..


  2. 1 hour ago, Brklyngrk said:

    Saw the game yesterday, it was insane how much better Tsimikas is than the rest of the team.  How many times did he have an amazing cross with no one on the other side getting to it or misfiring.  If Masouras can finish half his chances, he would be a super star.  

    Our biggest issue is that we can't create real chances.  For all our dominance, it seemed like we did not know how to dribble in the final third.  Mantalos should not be in this team.  


    I agree, honestly we had some amazing delivery in the box. I think if we could find a tall Lewandowski-type striker that can get up and reach those headers we would be a lot more dangerous in the box. I don’t think this player needs to be anything spectacular.. 


    also, it’s important to note that just because a player performs well off the bench doesn’t necessarily mean he would do the same as a starter. When Tzolis (for example) comes off the bench his speed and energy is evident, but it’s mostly because the currently fielded players are playing with tired legs. It’s quite possible that if Tzolis plays a full 90 he will look like Pavlidis (invisible) in attack.


  3. Are there people here that feel the national team has NOT been moving in the right direction under JVS?


    if you feel that the team is moving in the right direction, (fielding some of the youngest teams I recall EVER seeing with the ethniki), why would you replace the coach and start from scratch. I think the coach is starting to really click with the players, and I feel Confident in him moving forward.

    i think we really do have an inflated opinion of the abilities of the national team. I think the depth of the team is what has really hurt us. Whenever we have an injury or a suspension it feels like we’re picking people off the street to play the needed positions. 


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  4. 1 hour ago, Ellada2004 said:

    J1078 I hear you on constantly changing coaches that it doesn’t help us. JVS has had 2 years now he started of well and I liked how he had the team playing in the Euro qualifiers even the way we played in a loss at Italy the eventual European champions. Since then in the NL and Wcup qualifying there have been to many puzzling moves and lack lustre performances aside from what Alphonse stated with the couple half’s Greece outplayed Sweden. 

    I was listening to Gate 7 podcast (listen if you get a chance too) & Kostas from Greece said JVS is a good coach to have if you want to have if you are a club looking to avoid relegation just picking up enough results vs crappy teams to keep a float. Another good point he brought up was when JVS took over the Ethniki he had a plethora of CBs too choose from and now we are so thin in that department due to him banning our 3 best CBs for what? This ultimately cost us qualification in the draws vs Georgia & especially Kosovo as well in Sweden in conceding stupid goals. Tzavellas stepped up admirably this whole campaign I must say but had we had those missing guys our point total would be higher and I think we keep more than 1 clean sheet.

    I think if Donis is available EPO should hire him as he can work with the players currently in the squad and others who JVS has abandoned. 

    Bottom line is I don’t trust JVS for Euro qualification I could see him continuing with his stubborn ways, crazy player selections etc..and we can’t miss yet another tournament. It’s been way too long a wait.. Anyways that’s my opinion..

    He wasn’t the only coach to exclude these players. Bouchalakis is terrible in my opinion I’m surprised he played the whole game 

  5. Sorry for the rant but I also dying to say this, and notice no one else did.

    tzavellas has been very consistent this campaign however, he received an IDIOTIC second yellow which kept him out of the Sweden game where he ABSOLUTELY would have made a difference.

    I blame him heavily for our loss to Sweden for his inability to control his temper. I realize we shouldn’t have relied so much on that game and should have handled business agains Kosovo and Georgia. But we didn’t.. and we needed him and he left us hanging.


    obviously Sweden and Spain games back to back we’re not ideal either because we knew the sweden game would be a dog fight and we suffered a lot of yellows leaving us with even less depth for the Spain game

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  6. Hey guys, I’ve been locked out of my account for like a year now.. but I’ve been reading and watching religiously. 

    I agree that our goal was indeed offside (after looking at the replay). The penalty unfortunately was pure BS. The Spaniards knee GRAZED giannoulis foot and then dove. Contact absolutely didn’t warrant the penalty in my opinion. It is what it is.

    however we have been playing very exciting football, which is very refreshing. Our results are getting better. Our team just truly lacks depth. I would still love to have Manolas and siovas in the squad, atleast for days like this where have no other option.

    I don’t HATE androutsos at RB tbh. Also I love the potential that tsimikas is showing, his crosses are elite.


    unfortunate ending to a decent run at qualifications. I am confident if we keep it up we will be in good place for the euro. I would gladly invite JVS to stay and lead the team there.

  7. I only watched the highlights against Norwich but besides getting completely Crossed over by a Norwich winger, it seems like he had a good game, some great corner kicks, crosses, and even a decent shot on target. 

    im impressed with his delivery.. I didn’t see much of gianoulis in the highlights with the exception of a cross that was caught by the keeper

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  8. Very fluid play in the first half. 

    Norway looked pretty weak tbh, we did a great job at containing Haaland who was pretty invisible all game.

    Very positive performance for Pelkas, and someone who doesn’t often get the recognition he deserves is vlachodimos. When he is at goal I feel so much more confident in our defense. Enjoyed the no BS defending of Kpap and tzavellas, although we will need to replace him long term.

    massouras had a great game as well.

    also, maybe an unpopular opinion.. but do you guys really feel that Tsimikas is anywhere near Liverpool material? 

    I have not been too impressed with him, I don’t mind him on the NT But you’d expect better from someone who’s training daily with Liverpool. Anyone else feels “ehh” about him?

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  9. 1 minute ago, Ellada2004 said:

    Georgia are definitely better than their current rank indicates. They could have 7 points after their first 3 games.

    JVS was timid in his approach today and we paid for it. He said after the draw today that since we tied Spain that we really are only one point behind were the team expected to be after two matches. 

    That’s not the attitude I want to see from our coach. Seems a bit dismissive of the poor performance today. 

    I do get the feeling he doesn’t really believe this team is capable of much.


    regardless, he’s the best coach we’ve had since santos.

  10. 2 minutes ago, Rockafeller Skank said:

    You re looking for a ψίλλος στα άχυρα my amigo. Giannoulis was our best player. They didn't even bother to even attack from his side. Bakakis and Mavrias are so nonexistent, a winger can ignore them and have the lane like an αεροδιάδρομο. You found the only thing he did right today. Putting Giannoulis. 

    I don’t like bakakis  too much but I feel like he had a solid game before coming off.


    that kid on the left wing for Georgia Is extremely talented. This is what we expected from Limnios, who has basically vanished in the last few games ?

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  11. 6 minutes ago, J1078 said:

    WOW Georgia is going to be a BIG problem for us. They counter very well and create good chances. They should have had at least a draw against Sweden and so far the have played Spain much better then we did.

    100x better. I’d say they’re outstanding paying Spain at the moment.

  12. I think Limnios had a pretty bad game, but you guys are also being pretty harsh.. a bad game doesn’t justify “permanently removing him from the squad”. I think he still has something to offer.


    as for mavropanos, he had a decent game, it’s a matter of chemistry, the goalie would have anticipated that header back had the two players had more chemistry.. I think he will be a fine addition to the team once the team stabilizes. Which I can’t say will happen until the WC LOL.


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