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  1. Wow. Anyone just listen to Skibbe's interview? They asked him if he would be the coach for our next campaign, and he said "Of Course." In a very confident way. They ask him very light questions in these interviews. I'm surprised the Greek media doesn't grill him they way they grill coaches in the Superleague haha. My question, "Why did Tziolis play two full 90 minute games?"
  2. This past March, Estonia beat Croatia 3-0 in a friendly match. Don't know how I missed that. It was a friendly match, but still 3 goals. LETS DO IT!! The Pirate Ship sets sail TODAY.
  3. I think its possible - hoping for the best tomorrow. I just had an interesting thought, Mitroglou has probably scored most of his goals on this pitch during his time at Olympiakos and Ethniki. Lets hope he bags a hat trick tomorrow. Also, I really don't think Bakasetas is a winger. Yet we continue to put him there, and he will most likely start there tomorrow. I actually think he is more suited for the Center Forward position. The guy has a body, holds the ball up, has a nice shot, turns quick. Why do we keep putting him on the wing? He's not quick enough for that. Of course mitroglou is our guy here, and he isnt giving that up any time soon. But instead of calling up Vellios to be a CF? I'm for that.
  4. Thanks for the welcome! I'm from New York - not from New York City, but a couple hours north of it. I'm a PAOK fan through my dad. I listen to Metropolis on the reg, love the whole scene haha. It's truly a ride being a fan of this team. My dad's family is from Kilkis too ^. Pontios of course.. ?
  5. @Bananas Haha! Thanks man. I don't know why, but every time I sign up to a forum on the net, it signs me up with that avatar. It's really grown on me now haha In the game vs. AEK, our coach said we play as a team, while AEK has more individual play. Pelkas and Vierinha need to have those individual plays. We need them to light it up. I've been so curious as to why they've been content just to lay the ball off. Is this just Lucescu's playing style? Maybe they're lacking confidence? Im not sure. I've never figured Cimirot out.. but I want the darn guy to take more shots from outside the box. He's shown he can do it. Campos is a little too hesitant sometimes. He'll run the ball through a whole defence and then on the final pass or shot, he f's it up haha. He's really gotta work on that. I still have a hard time liking the guy, he needs to produce now I believe if we buy Moledo, We'll truly be solid back there. He's not needed of course, but he's stronger than Crespo and Varela I think. Buying players we don't need so no other superleague team can have them... Sounds like an Olympiakos move!
  6. I think I read the same thing on sdna this morning. Skibbe has shown not to deviate much from his usual starters. My guess is he goes with Tziolis instead of Tax in the center in this lineup (although I think we can agree it should be Tax, or maybe even Kourbelis). That said, I think he will be starting Bakasetas on the wing. If, Bakasetas is doing nothing, I'm confident We'll see an "early" sub in Pelkas or Gianiotas (most likely the latter because he's played before....). I'm confident Lazaro will start. I also think he'll be using this exact defence. Also something interesting I saw on SDNA, they were talking about Anastasiou coming to PAO. Where is Ouzoinidis going??? Ethniki maybe?
  7. Even that game against Belgium, the 1-2 loss, I came out of that satisfied. Because they played their hearts out. Belgium has world class guys too I think if Skibbe plays his cards right we can get an early lead. If we get up early, get them stressed out and frustrated, it's possible guys. We put Zeca on Modric the whole game - Kourbelis on Rakitic the whole game - put Staf & Torosidis tight on their wingers the whole game. They wont be able to put anything together except long balls forward.
  8. Thanks! It's great to be here. Lots of great discussions on this forum. All of us PAOK fans surely do not want another circus. I think (and hope) that Savvidis and Michel have learned from their past mistakes and are doing the right thing with the team. Mistakidis coming back will be huge. He always gave it his all on the pitch and those performances are what we need to get the rest of the guys going. He can also play on all attacking fronts (CF, WInger, even an additional play-maker if needed). I've seen the same passion from Limnios (and Deligiannidis frankly). I hope they get some more playing time too. I agree with offloading players. Our Greek talents need to play: give them out. But, I've seen in the past that some of our players we've loaned out in the past don't even get playing time. So we need to make sure wherever they go, they play. I will add to that list to loan out Marios Siampanis (if Glykos is on the road to recovery now..). He's one of our great talents and he needs to play. Also, Brkic needs to go. He's just adding to our expenses now. No value added haha. And Leveque? I don't know what to say exactly. That was a very poor buying decision. Getting rid of Leovac is fine. I just don't know if maybe we want to get rid of Leveque too. They should have put some stipulation in his contract to offload him if something like this happened. His stats were so poor before coming to PAOK. He had a great year in 2015 (and a great performance against us in the EL), but just because a player shows up great against us in one game we just buy them? Where's the logic? I say bring Henrique back. We need players who can do individual plays. No one is doing that right now (maybe Mauricio). I'm surprised Pelkas hasnt been running at players. Lately he's just been giving the pass instead of entering the box and taking players on. Maybe its a confidence thing. Sell Prijovic (only for 10mm), and I'd like to buy Berg. He is old now, but if he's only like 2mm, why not.
  9. I've been listening to the radio a lot lately. They're talking about Santos coming this summer after the World Cup. It's possible Savvidis is holding out here giving Lucescu support so he can make it till then.
  10. Hi guys. Just joined the forum, I think it's great. Lots of awesome options & discussions. Wanted to add my 2 cents after what I saw today. Putting a national team together is not easy. We saw with Ranieri that you can't just tinker with players and formations every match. That blew up right in our faces. We've had the most success from our current coach, Santos & Rehagael: they all had a closed club of players that continually got called up to play together for the Ethniki. But, I think there is an important balance that needs to be made here. I believe the Greeks who are in their best form should play; thus, you could argue having your set closed club of players is important, but the coach must also take into account current form. We saw at the end of the Rehagael era, and currently with Skibbe, that there are players in this closed club who are not in form. So this needs to be addressed properly. Obviously we don't need another Ranieri tenure; I think the lesson was learned there. But when you're facing world class players, you have to put your best out there. Maybe making the call ups more competitive somehow would actually get those who WANT to play for the national team and won't just WALK around the whole game. Some players have learned well as we can see. Their spots go untouched... One reason why we have a problem here is that many of our Greek players are inconsistent. Why? (Let's exclude Sokratis, Manolas, Zeca from this). Injuries come along yes, but how can other players in the game give 100% more often than a lot of our best Greek players? Am I wrong guys? Especially in a game like today's, one of the most important in their careers one could argue. Fortounis was playing as a right winger in the last Euro if I remember correctly. Maybe he's not made to be a number 10? This kid has some games and he blows me away. Most of the time now tho he's like a dead beat. I just don't understand it. One thing I haven't seen anyone talk about aside from the more common out- of- form guys playing on the team (Samaris, Maniatis, Tachtsidis, Vellios etc.) Is Stafylidis. He has only played ONE match this whole year. There have been 10 bundesliga matches. Most of the time he hasn't even been on the bench. What's the story here? Are we losing another of our "talents"? How do you go from playing 38 matches for Fulham not too long ago, to this? Do these guys have some self defeatist, learned helplessness psichologiko complex? Give me a whole team of Sokratis Papastathopoulo's. That's the passion I want. Zeca wasn't even born in Greece and he's yelling the national anthem and giving his all every single match. Whenever I look at our national team, I see a bunch of puzzle pieces that if we can just get right, we could be phenonomenal. I think it's there and the right moves have to be made. This however goes even deeper: our domestic league needs fixing, support is needed for our greek talents, bolstering our academies... etc. etc. The new EPO has a lot of work to do.
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