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  1. Guys it's this kind of attitude that got us into this situation in the first place. We all thought we should play more attacking/had better players etc and wanted Santos gone so the NT could blossom. Look what happened! Maybe Santos and Otto they understand Greek football and our talent levels better than anyone (including us). Maybe that's why they are such successful coaches.
  2. Was just being funny mate but yes every country has a golden era at some stage. I remember the US were unlucky to lose to Belgium in the knock outs back in 2014. I'm sure Canada's time is coming.
  3. Oh mate that would be massive coup if we got Santos back! 🙏
  4. It's like my team in the AFL, Carlton. We sacked the last decent coach we had and since then we've been through five of them with no success. Sixth time lucky?
  5. Ela re it's soccer not ice hockey! 🤣
  6. As for JVS good riddance! Hopefully we can secure a decent coach to build this youngish side.
  7. I respectfully diagree with this part. We used to spank the minnows under Otto and Santos, I remember Gekas alone would score two or three. I can remember a few last gasp wins against Kazhakstan and Malta but other than that we've usually accounted for these sides quite easily.
  8. My god can you imagine? Game after game v the minnows eeking out 0-0 draws.
  9. Couldn't agree more re he is all hype and that's it. Unforgiveable the header he missed against Sweden, should be bread and butter for a guy his size.
  10. Cant blame them really can we? Cold weather, covid and JVS are three things worth avoiding.
  11. That's quite ironic. Can I tell you after we couldn't beat Kosovo I jumped on his Instagram and asked him how he could justify 1 shot at goal in the first half against the Minnows in Kosovo in a must win game. Two minutes later I was blocked. Which is effectively what he did to Siovas when he too questionned his methods. So it's obvious the guy can't take criticism in any way shape or form which must be tough for him considering what a failure he's been as a coach throughout his career.
  12. Bahahahahaha! FFS! Goodbye good riddance. Cannot beat kosovo at home. Just go away JVS please.
  13. TBH it would be great to be in a position where we can actually make a fiasco out of a big tournament. ATM we are nowhere near it.
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