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  1. Interesting? I wonder how this will effect Canada? If I'm not mistaken I do believe there are 3 companies that own rights to Greek programming in Canada? Ethnic Channel Group LTD OTN(Odessey Television Network Soundview(not sure if its the same company or related or different then the US one? In any case it'll be interesting to see if there are any changes in Canada as we presently have(on either Sat,Fibe{IPTV},or cable) 4E Star RIK Sat Alpha Sat Mega Cosmo Greek Muisic(Mad) NGTV(New York) Sports+ OTN(AN
  2. It appears OTN has gotton Star International approved, yet this chnnel has alrady been Approved for Canadfa 2 or so years ago, by I think by Soundview or Ethnic Channels Group. I'm not exactly sure whats going on here though? I'm assuming it evetually be added by Fibe as they seem to add all ethnic channels approverd.
  3. Kodi. There are 63 channels, not all work at the same time some are blank screens some break up once and a while. The box is called X96. It has english and tons of other ethnic channels I believe the box is |"hacked"
  4. Well I finally got a chance to the difference betweem ERT World(Sat), the one we have on Bel Fibe and the one I have via my android box. It appears that the one e get here in Canada is ERT 1/HD and its actually fromn Greece not some "Canadian version. The video is live and the same. The only other one is 4E which also is live. I'm not sure how OTN/Soundview are getting the feeds for those two channels. The other Greek channels ANT1/Star/Mega/Alpha/RIK Sat are different. Now that I saw whats available(63 channels in my caSE) i'm wondering how many more Grek Channels might show up in Canada/US?
  5. Well I bought an Android Smart Box TV. NICE!! 63 Greek Channels plus 100 and 100 hundres of ethnic & french & english channels IE HBO USA SYFY etc. still going thru it all but I think I may get ride of my dish network.
  6. The thing is I don't watch the Greek Channels, my mother does who's 89 and I'm taking care of her, so she doesn't know how to use the Internet technology?
  7. Well I have High Speed 50/10 but actually getting 62/10. I have Bell Fibe so I get more then the ones you mentioned. I dought Bell Sat will add anymore Greek Channels. From what I can gather ERT World wil take Greek Cinema place come April 1. Now the question will Bell Sat add Greek Cinema to its line up? Probably not. Will Bell Fibe? Maybe considering there caring 10 Greek Channels plus two radio stations(CHTO & CHIR). What I want to know is ERT World the same one you get on your Android box or is it programs from ERT 1,2,3,HD & World all combined?
  8. So the ERT World Bell is carring, which feed is? ERT1?2?3? ERT HD? or is actually ERT World?
  9. All I know is sometimes when ERT world is on you see ALL3 in the bottom right corner, so perhaps OTN is taking the best from all 3 ERT channels and just broadcasting them on one channel here in Canada.
  10. Well at least they finally made a up their minds. I suspect Greek Cinema will probably show up on Bell Fibe. I'm guessing somewhere between 2764 & 2778 as that ewhere the other Greek channels are- 4E, RIK SAT, Star, Sports+, CHIR. I'd wish Bell would move the other Greek channel into that area 2760-2779. The funny part is even if they where to move them there, there still room for 7 more channels. At present Bell Fibe has 12 Greek Channels not including ERT World. Not sure what else they could add? The only ones I could think of is the Greek Radio station in Montreal & th
  11. Update: Greek Cinema is back on again on 890? But for how long. This is getting tire some around of "Musical Chairs(AKA-channels)Either leave ERT World 24/7 on 890 and just put Greek Cinema on another channel.
  12. Well it looks like ERT World is here to stay, the IPG on Bell Fibe TV has switched from ERT Sat to ERT World and the programming is ERT World? Now I'm not sure how OTN is getting their feed via live streaming or actual video feed fom a Euro sat?
  13. I hope this works; From OTN Web Site: THE ODYSSEY FAMILY IS GROWING THANKS TO YOUR LOVE AND SUPPORT Odyssey Television Network, the only legal Canadian provider for the television stations: Ant1sat, Mega Cosmos, Alpha Sat, Sport plus and Greek Cinema, brings Greece directly to your TV screens through its affordable subscription packages. Contact your cable and satellite providers to enjoy our rich television programs that will satisfy even the most demanding viewer.
  14. Well ERT World is still airing. I went to OTN eweb sit and found this: HE ODYSSEY FAMILY IS GROWING THANKS TO YOUR LOVE AND SUPPORT Odyssey Television Network, the only legal Canadian provider for the television stations: Ant1sat, Mega Cosmos, Alpha Sat, Sport plus and Greek Cinema, brings Greece directly to your TV screens through its affordable subscription packages. Contact your cable and satellite providers to enjoy our rich television programs that will satisfy even the most demanding viewer. TO ACCESS OUR GREEK TELEVISION STATIONS, PLEASE CALL: Rogers 1-888-764-377
  15. It's still airing ERT World at 4:30 PM EST.So we will see if switches to Greek Cinema later on. I have a feeling Greek Cinema will be showing up on another channel shortly and ERT World will be on 890. After all OTN has the rights to Greek Cinema and I know a lot of Greek subs that like the channel. All of my mothers friends sub to this channel either thru Bell Sat 714, Belll Fibe 890 or Rogers 922?
  16. Here we go again!! ERT Woeld is broadcasting on 890 since 11 AM like yesterday and seems to go off the air around 4 5 PM and Greek Cinerma comes back on the channels spot? This is BS I'm paying for Greek Cinema as part of my Greek Combo not ERT World? I'm going to launch a complaint with the CRTC that the owner of OTN is in violation of his licience agreement. He has the CRTC approval to show Greek Cinema programming not ERT World programming in Canada yet he's illegally showing ERT World programming(New Stuff not old from the new channel ERT World). Either
  17. I can't comment on Bell Sat, but on Bell Fibe it still says ERT Sat in the guide yet the channel actually showing Greek Cinema? As to why Bell hasn't changed the IPG on 890 to Greek Cinema from ERT Sat I can't answer. It doesn't even list the Greek Movies, all it says Alternative Programming. And to top it off on Sundays and at other times they show CHURCH SERVICES!! WTF is that? It suppose to be a movie channel not some religous stuff?
  18. Greek Cinema is back on 890 on Bell Fibe again? Not sure as to why there had ERT World on, but it if they did maybe that's a sign OTN(most likely) will ask the CRTC to bring it here and we can see it again?
  19. I'm not sure exactly whats going on but I was just scanning thru the Greek channels on Bell Fibe TV and notice that ERT World is now on Bell Fibe TV. Its on the same channel 890 where ERT Sat was, then when ERT Sat what off the air that spot was filled by Greek Cinema, now it appears (at least for the time being)ERT World is now broadcasting on 890 where Greek Cinema was? I'm not sure whats going on as far as I know Greek Cinema is CRTC approved for Canada, while ERT World is not?I'm not sure if its the same on Bell Sat & Rogers as I know Rogers carries Greek Cinema. So at pres
  20. Why not just give licences to those that want them? As long as they can show they have the programming and the financial means to do so let them have the licences?
  21. As I don't really watch the greek channels(mother does), the odd time I've seen the channel I've seen Star International programming on the IPG & on the TV with their TV id in the corner. I'm not sure if I've seen any Skai programming or logo? I'm not sure what programming NGTV shows from Star International, but since we boyj get NGTV * Star International I'm guessing some of its the same? The only one I'm know for sure isw Str News. But this may all changes depending on what happens in Greece with the licences and possible channels being dropped in Canada?
  22. 890 is listed as ERT on Bell Fibe IPG but is actually Greek Cinema. I'm not sure as to why they haven't changed. It also doesn't say what movie is playing?
  23. I don't actually watch the channels except for Sportsplus, all the other ones are for my mother. If my mother wasn't living with me I wouldn't have sub to them, I only sub to them for my mother which is elderly (87 years old)and I take care of her. With Mega possibly shutting down, I'm wondering how this ewill effect North American feed? As both Dish & majority of the cable/sat/IPTV providers carry the channel? I can't comment on other providers in Canada, but for Bell Fibe if they where take all the Greek channels, they presently have and grouped them all together(2000's{2760-2779
  24. I had dropped the Greek channels I sub to for my mother as she was in the hospital for sometime and is getting out this Friday. It appears, they've changed the way they charge for International channels. You no longer need to sub to OTN(ANTENNA 1) to get the other channels. Here the break down of the channels(wait till you see how they've done it :rolleyes: ) Greek Combo $45 (includes all 12 channels) CHTO 1690 AM radio CHIR Greek Radio 4E Alpha ERT(aka Greek Cinema) GMC(Greek Music Channel) MEGA OTN(Atenna 1) NGTV RIK Sat Star Channel Sports Plus Now you can get each
  25. I'm wondering with Mega shutting down how this will effect the programing here in Canada & the US? With Mega available(programming) on certain Canadian providers & Dish in the US?
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