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  1. I see people offering nova, ote etc again, how are they managing this in Australia? I've got all the regular Greek channels and that's it. One says $200 for box and $25 per month after for the pay channels in Greece and more from America and Europe...are these short term scams? At least with ert, mega etc you know they stream live from the website so getting it on a TV is fine.

    I've been playing around with nova catchup service on my android box, they update the Greek super league highlights almost immediately and some of the nova TV shows at the end of each round, they're just a bit unwatchable with all the buffering.

    Most likely they are scams. And nova web tv is horrible.

  2. XAxaxaxaxa Nai egw eimai! Eimai kai gamw tous doriforous


    I just like to share the wealth. This is a great deal. 19 Years here in the states i have finally found peace!

    So you have this guy for 6-7 months without any issues and he is credible? If so you are a lucky guy... And I am sure you cannot share any of his information for the obvious reasons...man I am still looking around to find someone credible.I had ellas, myTV, bestgreek, and they all no longer offer tin kiria...

  3. They do. They (Forthnet/NOVA) sub-licensed the games to Sport Plus and Antenna. Apparently they have a stake in the Sport Plus operation.

    What do these two companies have in common other than sharing the same address :)

    I will give you a hint....just Google [email protected] like sport plus is owned by TAF sports


    Advertising Company, Agency & Studio

    74 Avgis Street, kai Chalkis 2, 141 21 Heraklion Attica Greece


    74 Avgis Street, kai Chalkis 2, 141 21 Heraklion Attica Greece

  4. The above post is a copy and paste of one of mine posts in the past either here or at the old GS and is no longer accurate.

    TAF Spots no longer owns the international rights to SL games. Forthnet TV that actually runs NOVA for the Greek market now controls the rights. Apparently they kept the same arrangement that TAF Sports had last season, which was divide the the teams equally between Sport Plus and Antenna Group. The only exception is the home games of PAOK, which has not approved the SL deal with Forthnet, since they wanted first to investigate previous deals between SL and TAF Sports for irregularities.

    This post my friend came from the link below and not from any of your posts....nothing wrong with Google....wasn't aware you hold copyright rights regarding specific posts.


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