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  1. DUDE yeah so you're judging the guy based on extended highlights. How do you do that? You can't tell how a player really does just from highlights. And yes he played well for most of the second half of the season when he first arrived (he came in starting January). And comparing him to Rooney or Adebayor is silly; different players develop at different times.

  2. Well the simple fact is he's still only 22; he's got a ways to go but already you've given up on him. I've watched him numerous times w/ Manchester and he had a good number of games where he played well. There were also times where he just wasn't cutting it. The thing people seem to forget is the fact that Manchester went through a bad spell; the WHOLE team sucked! Then they went through this transition period. Why anyone would think that this kind of thing is easy for a player to go through is beyond me. And as far as Stuart Pearce goes, you know what? I think he's at best average. Barely. The team didn't seem to have any tactical sense w/ him; so who cares about his opinion? Otto will not start Samaras at this point in time because he hasn't hit peak form yet, so that makes sense.

  3. There's no such thing as "practically given up"; either he has or he hasn't. Let me explain something, because some posts in here have been totally ridiculous. First off, based on the interviews he's given, Samaras has not given any indication that he's arrogant; so the people who have been coming in here w/ this opinion are basing it on an illusion that they created. In an interview he did about a year ago he explained the difference between Dutch football and English football. He developed his skills in the Netherlands, where they concentrate on technique: passing, positioning, etc. The English game is almost the opposite: more physical, running faster, jumping higher, etc. When a player goes from one country to another where the game is different, its difficult to adapt. It doesn't mean the guy sucks or he can't play, it might just be that he will eventually go to a league where his style of play will be a better fit like Serie A. Now why this is so COMPLICATED for people to understand I have no idea. His move to Celtic is good for now because he will most likely get more playing time and be ready for this summer.

  4. What is his problem? Just go somewhere else! The jackass coach doesn't want him so why fight for a place? Besides, the team has been taken over by this criminal from Indonesia, I mean, what the hell? Are the fans taking any action over this? Do they care? And he wants to STAY? Its important for the NT that he gets playing time. If anything, he could come back to Greece though at this point I don't blame him if he doesn't want to. I would actually take him for PAO and sell Salpigidis; I'm really not that big on Salpigidis.

  5. Well that first season he was with Manthester when he started in January, he actually did quite well. But the second season things started to look rather bad; this has more to do with the fact that the ENTIRE TEAM were having problems. I've kept track of him and he really has a very promising ability. When he's playing well he can score really good goals. And he's going to get better. So he had one lousy season with Manchester, so WHAT. If he goes to Spain, that would be great.

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