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  1. I would like Platellas in there too. However if we give up the center it's over.
  2. Yup. His timing is totally off. Anestis is in form. Not sure about that call.
  3. Here is new one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t4IxAhr78-g&feature=player_embedded
  4. Hey guys... Here you go: http://monoaek24.blogspot.gr/p/live-stream-aek.html Original.. its live on youtube if you have wifi on the cruise...
  5. We need 4 in the back. 3 will not cut it. I would start djibbour. He is an @sshole but I think he has something to prove against oly. Only hope I have for this game is that, other than a derby, oly doesn't care about this game. We need the points and maybe that motivation gives us the edge to go after the ball and pressure them. Maybe we squeak out a 1-0 or 2-1. But my feeling is that we pull out a draw.
  6. Thank you for this post. Totally agree. It also takes removal from all of the emotion to see the long term goals.
  7. Yeah, but how many will want to leave England, And the premiership, for Greece and the supa league?
  8. I think Vargas (tho has not really played in his position), Makis, Platell, and Ana are gone. I think we end up loaning out some of the backs.
  9. Anyone have any good links for AEK ringtones? I would love an "E E Enosi" sound file I couldmake a ringtone.
  10. I have no problem with him being pumped up for winning. It's his first, and hopefully, his first of many.
  11. Pretty simple. He scores. Our other three don't. Though I will give Djebour the pass since he has been injured. And we can get him on the cheap and for probably 6 months only.
  12. What's the difference? Tempo? Passing? Just trying to imagine the difference with the same players. Listening to it on the radio but he is not talking performance. Just play by play.
  13. I like it. Younghungranager with PL experience.
  14. Link sticks but still decent
  15. Olympiakos-live. Gr has a link. It is on goal TV and is Italian. Decent feed
  16. I felt the same way about Ziko when he first started the academies. What experience did he have with academies? Not much at all, but they gave him the job. As time went on it seemed he was really working hard and doing a fine job. And when I found out he was leaving I was upset. Then a read a little more and talked with some people in Greece. Now, I'm not that upset and kind of agree with it. Problem is, I think Georgeas will take it over. And what experience does he have?
  17. Ok. So you would rather have a non proven person of authority that does not care for the team or it's well being... Only there for a pay check? Most presidents are ego maniacs that have all the money, with little experience with football and make horrible decisions just to get the BAM from the fans. For example, Savvidis son. What is he doing? On real teams, you have positions of power where you are responsible. Look at the real established teams. They have presidents that have the final say. Ofcourse Dusan has the final say over Milo. I wouldn't want it any other way. No position underneath
  18. Playing without wings will kill us as shown in the PAOK game. In the end, there really is no way to play all of our 3 "deKari" players on the field at the same time without opening up gaping holes in our formation. I also thing our back line is quickly showing their inexperience and bad positioning. While I am not watching daily practices, I think didac and arzo should get some time to prove themselves. One thing they do have going is experience.
  19. He is also the president of football operations. You want a coach with no experience in the SL, and not much experience at all, making all the decisions? These are the ways AEK have failed in the past... Allowing too much autonomy to people without experience in a football background.
  20. Samaras plays better as a wide attacking forward. He is not the striker we are looking for. Besides, he did not attend a preseason, his time in Saudi was mixed because of injury and I'm not sure how hard he is staying in shape right now.
  21. Let him gain his strength. He should sit out for a few months and play with the reserves until he gains his psychological edge back.
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