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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5qNOm1xuZvo
  2. I'm ok with the Patito sub. He slowed down significantly and I think had tired
  3. I would love it Stealth.... Even if we had a few links to some sound files... I would make ring tones.
  4. I think he is nervous and can do better
  5. Here is one on YouTube. It stutters but it is in hd. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dpOHrhZvpRo
  6. We only challenge if the protathlima is clean. Otherwise we just challenge for Europe.
  7. No reason to raise the budget until the protathlima is clean. Otherwise it is just throwing money away. We qualified for Europe on our budget and I feel that we can do it again on our budget. We do need a CM. Maniatis would be a good pick up. The papers are saying Zouk wants to come back. I think that would be a great idea. My only concern are his injuries.
  8. That's a lot of money for one decent season
  9. They are essentially out of options.... And now with Milo gone they are over compensating.
  10. Simoes is all upside. He plays in Spain for a year or two he will be sold for double that. Good move to keep him around. If he gets visibility in Europe then we could make a killing.
  11. http://aklautoi.blogspot.gr/p/live-stream-4.html
  12. Maybe he has been busting his ass in training over the last 2 weeks... Or maybe poyet knows he needs him for the playoffs and can build his confidence against the worste team in the league. Either way, I'm surprised.
  13. Or he really didn't want him... Like Artho, Diego
  14. Djebour came back from vacation and expected to ride the bench... never expected a start....
  15. try this: http://www.livefootball.gr/streaming/Panaitolikos-Aek/ch12?lang=el
  16. They are using a squeegee at half time.
  17. Too much sliding and players from both teams are at risk.
  18. Streams not working for you guys?
  19. I'm afraid of players getting hurt
  20. He wants an opportunity to win the league and play in Europe. Next year he will have both and his choice of 3-5 players
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