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  1. 12 hours ago, Original 21 said:

    Early reports say he will be with us on loan for 18 months and there is a buyout clause at the end of it to make the deal permanent. We are paying him 1.2 Million euros over the next year and a half, and a small loan fee to Las Palmas. Unless something ridiculous happens, we have just gotten a great player. 

    As long as he finds his way out of the bottle. 

  2. I say we try to break the record and hire/fire a few more coaches for the rest of the season. I am sure there is a FIFA record somewhere  

    Players wont play/fight for ketsbaia... same for morais. This is a joke. The players will continue this bs as long as we keep dropping coaches. Pedigree or not. 

    No long term strategy. I don't care about the press. We should have kept ketsbaia for the year.. for good or for bad. To send a message that the players either go out and play or rot in the bench. 

    We are a joke. And I mean aek and Greece in general. You never will get real players or coaches if you are viewed as an unprofessional place to play 

  3. You really think Bravo is that good?  He played in MLS last year and was expected to have the starting job but ended up in more of a rotation. I haven't seen him enough, just wondering. 

  4. 2 hours ago, nightsurfer said:


    @Dava-G    Thank you for your answer on the other thread.    On which sites (live streams) can this game be watched? Because it won't be shown at Novasports Live.



    Yeah, makes it really tough to watch. I even tried a vpn service to change my IP address. Unfortunately they use a security software that saw right past my vpn. Used multiple services. Planned on paying for the service at novasports   


    Instead ad I have to look for a pirated stream for me and my father to watch  


  5. Unfortunately, I think we will be lucky to get out with a draw. I would love 3 points but I just don't see it feasible  

    Hoping he goes with more Greeks as I'm not sure if the foreigners understand the magnitude of the game or the derby. I also don't think the players coming back this week are in form to start. 

  6. Poor decision at this point. Too bad. No patience in Greece. That's ok, no one else is available at this point so we will end up getting ouzonidis or some other out of work Greek coach. 

    Hope they have someone lined up or we will have a rough time until December. 

  7. Good result, especially after all the negativity over the last 2 weeks.  Hopefully, this win builds some confidence and makes some of the guys work harder for their position.

    Its too bad when half the team is either injured or is suspended.  It makes it so much harder to get the momentum going again.

  8. Surfer.... Good to see you post again!

    unfortunately the streaming is not available in the USA, so we have to look for streams online. 

    I like ketsapia's lineup. Needs goals and knows that if he loses this week he is probably out. If he is going out, he might as well go out punching.

    Come on platellas. 2 goals today. 

  9. Honestly, we were in the same chat room last year after Dellas pulled Simoes out of the match calling for his resignation.  Actually, there are many parallels with last year in October after Karaiskaki...

  10. 5 hours ago, Original Sydney said:

    Ok say he did give instructions what do you think they were/what did they work on all week,as I was dumbfounded watching them play and trying to work out our game plan, as it seems there was none.

    As I said earlier the difference was Oly players came out and played to save their coach and themselves, our players didn't, so the "he's lost/losing the dressing room" seems to have some truth to it.

    Yeah, to be honest, I don't think they did anything.  Tactics or not.  Direction or not.  They watched as Oly passed around them.  Thats not a lack of tactics, thats a lack of trying...  

  11. I'm not sure about the "no instructions" comments. Have the players come out and said that publicly?  They have really come out and said the reason they lost was because the coach didn't tell them what to do?  Really?  

    Seems to me, hard to believe. From what we have read and complained about all week was that he was using and practicing this lineup - all week. Maybe they were just lined up at practice but not talking tactics?  I don't believe that. 

    But OK. Let's say he gave them no tactics going into the game... Just how to line up. That means they just sit around and let Oly put together 4-5 passes as the AEK players watched?  I'm sorry. I don't believe it. Not even a hint of having played the game before?

    They either played scared or, as you suggest O21, he has lost the locker room and the team didn't show up on purpose. Either way the team should be docked pay. Absolutely poor. 

  12. Ketspayia should stay. Yup, he made a mistake by leaving Simoes on the bench. But none of the starters even looked like they were acceptable players. They played afraid. Probably too much pressure. Not sure what a coach can do if his team can't handle the pressure. That's what they get paid to do, play hard no matter what. Frankly, I don't think any of them were worth a damn in that game. If I were president I would dock them pay. 

    Its one thing to lose and bust your ass trying. I'm ok with that. But losing because you are scared and playing like it is your first game is another. No shitty tactics can hide a poor performance of a team that has no balls

    Christ, I don't think we strung more than 2 passes together all game. 

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