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  1. 2-2 against pao this team is legit
  2. Ya and he doesnt try to pass throught eight people
  3. hey no i saw some of his highlights. He is really fast and he knows how to play fro the left. Iam just mad that this deal wasn't done before
  4. according to Sport Fm Fernandinho agreed with olympiakos for coming in january to the team. What I dont get is if they agreed this fast after the deadline why couldnt they agree before
  5. I apologize for my grammer, but i did not like the inactveness of olympiakos this summer.
  6. kokkalis should sell the team pronto. When you pocket 20 million EURO in getting to the CL, and you dont buy one single player, when your team has many holes you don't deserve to be the owner of Olympiakos
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