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  1. Its now official in greece castillo is not coming and to be honest id love for him come but to pay 2.5m euros ($4m) for a player to come on loan and then at the end of the season pay ANOTHER 8m euros to buy him is way to expensive
  2. you blame kokalis for not wanting to pay 3m to GET A PLAYER ON LOAN for a year? and then have to pay 8-10 m to keep him after? I dont blame him at all. No mater who the player is I wouldnt pay that much to get him on loan for just one year. If kokalis could BUY castillo for 3 m u think he wouldnt do it. Olympiacos missed out on alot of cl money this year cuz of stupidity :whistle: so there is no money to throw 3m on a loan
  3. I hope he starts too but he cant score if the midfeild cant serve him. Greece's midfeild cant serve up the fowards our goals come from long balls from the back. He probably wont score and everyone will call for his head. yet at celtic hes scoring regularly
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