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  1. Gekas scored again with what greek papers are calling the goal of the season (so far). Gekas will definitely be picked up by a bigger club at the end of the season.
  2. File, you are absolutely right. However, this has been AEK's story from as long as i can remember. Its stupid to say but we are team with grinia. Some losers in Original can't see the bigger picture. Instead of smacking DEMI at the airport they all should have been giving him a handjob. How quickly they forget that last year we were about to be relegated to the fourth division. Demi and his friends saved the team. How many ex-players on any other team would have done the same. Anyway, I hope Deminio is the president for years to come. Solid ownership and a clear plan for the future is what Demi offers and what AEK needs.
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