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  1. It's funny that the champions of the U.S. baseball league (Major League Baseball) are named the WORLD Series Champions. The only teams involved in this WORLD series are U.S. teams (oh, and two teams from Canada). So if the Chicago White Sox are WORLD Champions, what should we call Japan?
  2. Fall down TWICE, and you get the silver medal in women's figure skating! yep, that sounds like the olympics to me.
  3. Congratulations to the Steelers. That was one of the worse Super Bowls I have ever seen. Not to take anything away from Pittsburgh fans, but I still think the referees messed up big time. It should have been a much closer game. One TD pass (7 points), and another pass to the 1 yard line (almost certainly another 7 points) taken away from Seattle on a bull sh.. call. Not to mention Rothlesberger scoring a TD on his "second effort" pushing the ball over the goal line after he was down. I didn't really care who won, I just wanted to see an exciting, entertaining, and fair game. Without the help of the refs, the trophy could have gone either way. But the Steelers did make some great plays when it counted, so I must congratulate them and the Bus with a spectacular ending to a great career.
  4. UNBELIEVABLE!!!! After the second set, I honestly thought it was lost. That has to be one of the greatest comebacks ever in tennis. And yes that blonde is his.
  5. First fireworks, and now rain. They said it will be a half hour delay. I hope Baghdatis can keep his momentum and finish this one off.
  6. Competition is tight between these two. This one looks like it's going the full distance. Knock em out Baghdatis! :box:
  7. Thanks for the info on his next match at 3:30 am ET. I'm pulling an all nighter for Baghdatis!
  8. I heard the same, all 64 games will be shown. It will be sweet to watch the World Cup in HD widescreen. It's nice to see soccer steadily gaining popularity in the States. Supposedly these channels spent BIG money for broadcast rights for all 64 games, they wouldn't be doing it if there wasn't a solid fan base here. It's tough to make soccer a mainstream sport here, mainly because of the limited time available for commercials during a soccer game. American Football on the other hand is 50% commercials, which means large profits for the tv stations.
  9. I saw the match against Roddick too. Baghdatis was on fire! The fans were awesome, chanting after every point. They must have been getting on Roddicks nerves. To be number 2 in the world, and have the crowd supporting your number 56th ranked opponent. Baghdatis was just feeding off the energy of the crowd. Showing his appreciation to the fans and doing his stavro after the match. That's what I like to see. His gomena is not bad to look at either. She got emotional after his win and almost started crying. I have a feeling the fans will show up even stronger against Nalbandian. Can anyone please tell me what time is the match between Baghdatis and Nalbandian? I think it's today or tomorrow. I need to know for U.S. Eastern Time. Dose mas kai ena allo [email protected] na sikosoume! Yia olous tous Ellines, opou kai na menoume, na eimaste enomeni yia panda!
  10. The biggest shocker is Indy losing their first playoff game, I don't think anyone was expecting this. The Steelers brought their A-game to the playoffs beating 3 great teams on the road, and seem to be ready for the Super Bowl. Job well done by the Seahawks shutting down Steve Smith and keeping him out of the game. Their fans are absolute fanatics, it will be tough playing without them in Detroit. It will be a tough one, but Pittsburgh should be slight favorites because of their playoff experience.
  11. He's a hell of a basketball player, but I just can't get myself to vote for a convicted rapist. :tdown:
  12. I hate the Lakers but I have to admit it. Kobe has been on fire lately. He's pulled off some pretty amazing plays and can be very reliable when you need him to be late in the game. Sometimes it seems like he just can't miss a shot, no matter how difficult it is. As a player he's great. As a person on and off the court... :whistle:
  13. In today's upset, the Greek owned San Diego Chargers destroy the Colts' hopes for an undefeated season. Great win for Spanos and company, but I still think the Colts are winning it all. For anyone that watched the Bears take down Vick and the Falcons tonight, their defense certainly handed out the punishment play after play. :box:
  14. How about that boy Nick Fazekas of Nevada. He scored 35 points last night against Kansas. I heard he's Greek but I'm not sure.
  15. I know, da bears winning the super bowl is just wishfull thinking, but you never know. Maybe they'll try to do something about that offense in the offseason and have a legitimate shot for next year. "Next year" is a common phrase used by Bears fans. lol. If I wasn't a bears fan, I'd say the seahawks will make it. They got a great coach and RB. But whoever makes it will have to face the colts, and that will not be an easy task. Oh, and another team I'm glad to see will not be in it this year: the Eagles. Am I the only one sick of those vlamena campbells chunky soup commercials? I wouldn't mind seeing them win it all with their second or third stringer though!
  16. Late season post here. I don't remember when the season started, but I know when it's gonna end. With Da Bears winning Da Super Bowl. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: I know, but it's always nice to dream. O.k. for real. Looks like we'll finally have someone other than the gamemena patriotes winning it. I gotta go with the Colts, their offense is just unstoppable! They remind me of the Rams the year they won it all, except they actually have a defense. Who faces them in the big game? I really don't know any dominant team in the NFC, so I'll just go with the #1 defense in the NFL... mmmm.... Da Bears. Anyone else offering predictions?
  17. Hradiste, sorry about the small town comment. I'm just used to living near big cities, I guess that's why it seemed small to me. The one thing I don't like about Nedved is throughout the world cup qualification he didn't help his team. Then when he saw they might not qualify, he joined the team in it's last two games. I think he was planning on playing in the world cup the whole time. He thought Czech Republic would zip through the qualification and they would have a nice warm spot waiting for him in Germany. He knew he could get away with it because he is their best player. He's lucky he is a very talented player, otherwise the team would tell him :nono: I don't care how good you are, if you want to be part of a team you should be a team player and stick with them from the beginning. I don't know, that's just my observation. Is there anyone else in the Czech Republic upset with his decision not to play until the last two games, and calling him selfish? Or are they just happy to see their best player on the team?
  18. Wow, things are starting to get ugly in here. Just forget it. What happened is in the past. Heavy punishments will be handed down, especially to turkey, and we hope that everyone learns their lesson. ;) Greece is out, Turkey is out. We bow out like gentleman, while others keep kicking after the game is over. :box: But maybe it's because one of us is european champions :gr: and the other is just... :whistle: Sorry to tease, but some people need to take anger management courses. Now hold those angry replies to this post and you'll be past lesson 1.
  19. Guiness is way over rated. The best dark brew I've ever tasted has to be Kozel.
  20. I didn't go to Luhacovice, maybe my next time there I will. About FC Slovacko, I didn't see them play but I saw their stadium. It's a big stadium for a small town. I was impressed. The stadium in my home town in Greece is a dirt field (no grass) and holds about 50 people. :LOL: Well what do you expect with a population of 1200 people. Congratulations on your world cup qualification. I'll be cheering for you guys and I think I'll place a $50 bet on them to win it all (23 - 1 odds), not a bad profit if they win. Now with Nedved and a little bit of luck, they might be able to do it. :tup:
  21. Different mentality? But aren't we all equal?If any of you don't see that some environments (I'm not saying race or genetics, etc.) deal with defeat in different ways, then I don't know what else to say.
  22. Spurs, they have solid teamwork. Plus, Parker and Ginobili are only getting better.
  23. I'm sorry, there must be something wrong with my eyes because I missed it the first time. I just noticed it when watching the video again. Turk #4 (Alpay?) kicks Swiss player #11 at 0:14 seconds into the video. Then Huggel, for the second time, tries to give it back to the turkish side. That Huggel guy is no wimp. When his teammates were getting kicked around, thrown objects at, and surrounded by thousands of turkish fans; he didn't run off scared. He really standed up (no pun intended) for his teammates. There are few players that would do that in such a hostile environment.
  24. File, please look at the video again, carefully. The turkish side started this "kick the opponent after the game" business. The turk coach was the first to kick. Press play and look at the coach wearing black all the way to the far left side of the screen, and at 0:06 seconds into the video you will see him kick Berhami, who will also stumble a bit. Turn up the volume. The first "boing" sound effect will also help, in case you have something wrong with your eyes.
  25. Now I have seen it all. What kind of behavior is that? I think it's a shame that the whole world sees a few turks kicking butts and not playing fair (plus fans greeting the Swiss at the airport) and they think the whole nation is uncivilized. Doesn't your national team know when they are on the field wearing their red and white that they are not only representing themselves, but the entire nation of turkey?P.S. Did anyone see the Turkey vs. Greece game? I missed it and was wondering if similar behavior was taking place during that game.
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