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  1. UNBELIEVABLE!!!! After the second set, I honestly thought it was lost. That has to be one of the greatest comebacks ever in tennis. And yes that blonde is his.
  2. First fireworks, and now rain. They said it will be a half hour delay. I hope Baghdatis can keep his momentum and finish this one off.
  3. Competition is tight between these two. This one looks like it's going the full distance. Knock em out Baghdatis! :box:
  4. Thanks for the info on his next match at 3:30 am ET. I'm pulling an all nighter for Baghdatis!
  5. I saw the match against Roddick too. Baghdatis was on fire! The fans were awesome, chanting after every point. They must have been getting on Roddicks nerves. To be number 2 in the world, and have the crowd supporting your number 56th ranked opponent. Baghdatis was just feeding off the energy of the crowd. Showing his appreciation to the fans and doing his stavro after the match. That's what I like to see. His gomena is not bad to look at either. She got emotional after his win and almost started crying. I have a feeling the fans will show up even stronger against Nalbandian. Can anyone please tell me what time is the match between Baghdatis and Nalbandian? I think it's today or tomorrow. I need to know for U.S. Eastern Time. Dose mas kai ena allo g@memeno na sikosoume! Yia olous tous Ellines, opou kai na menoume, na eimaste enomeni yia panda!
  6. How about that boy Nick Fazekas of Nevada. He scored 35 points last night against Kansas. I heard he's Greek but I'm not sure.
  7. Fantastic video of kafes vs. lyon, and it comes with the olympiako ymno!
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