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  1. Another fantastic away result. Ten Kate can get this team ready, he deserves credit. Kara has already achieved legendary status at PAO. Do not be fooled by the OAKA crowd advantage. PAO has been better away, than home in CL so far. Must score first, and stay composed. I am truly enjoying the Euro PAO again. PEACE
  2. Like the Panionios away game, we came back with 10 men to win... This proves that PAO players are too relaxed at easy home games, which is what Ten Cate gets furious about. Well done when we needed it. A win on Tuesday may put us on first place. I liked Gilberto's offensive effort today. PEACE
  3. Well done osfp ! 5-1 That was a terrific performance and a fun game to watch. Great week for Greek teams. :gr: So glad Katsouranis avoided embarrassment. Best of luck in the UEFA. PEACE
  4. Fantastic form in away matches from PAO. I do not think we have ever won two back to back away games EVER! :tup: Memories of 2002-03 are coming back!!! I will be at OAKA once again vs Anorthosis. No matter what we do domestically, I already consider this season to be a success. It shows that good work is done, with much progress vs the best competition. Respect to the 5.000 brothers that turned this game into a home game. :nw: WELL DONE PANATHA One more win (or tie) please! Gabriel: this summer's best "defensive" ;) acquisition. The man is on fire. PEACE
  5. Great historic win. :tup: Best PAO game in a while. Well played and well deserved. When the defense is mistake free, we have a chance to show the real potential. Ten Cate made some good choices: Playing with three def mids worked fantastic. Tziolis was a surprise and he was terrific. The team played under a well thought plan. Good substitutions helped. I will be at the osfp derby and hope for one more game like that! A tie in Cyprus between Bremen-Anorthosi will make things simple. WE just need a win vs Anorthosi and we are 2nd. PEACE
  6. I went to both games. Basketball was fun, relaxed and comfortable for 20 euro. The fans were loud and the team played well killing Zalgiris. Alvertis got a standing ovation. Football was a good effort, but with this defense we will go nowhere... Nearly 55,000 fans. Most from the basketball game were there for the doubleheader. The atmosphere was excellent, the chanting nonstop. Not one object fell on the pitch. Crowd behavior was better than expected. One bonehead was flashing a laser, maybe a Bremen fan :whistle: There were maybe 100 or so German fans, who cheered loud for their numbers, but were booed instantly. The team tried and had the best game so far. Gabriel was surprisingly good. Karagounis is a huge part of this team, and that shows when he plays. He is cheered and loved by our fans, deservedly. :nw: Mantzios had one of his nights. Tzorvas showed why he is the starter. Everyone played at or above expectations. :tup: With that said, every time Sariegi touched the ball we were nervous. To have Vyntra as his partner makes things worse, although Vyntra played one of the best games for his abilities. He and Sariegi together are not CB material for CL games. The defense was frozen on both goals. Even though it was a clear handball, the first goal was an elementary mistake. It was an exciting game with lots of drama and score fluctuations. It was nice to see Panatha play good football, with passion Main thing is, you cannot concede an equalizer at home in the 83rd min, after coming from behind. Sad ending for an otherwise good effort. UEFA would be an achievement at this point. :gr: PEACE
  7. This game will be huge for us. A win could really lift PAO spirits. I have seen every game so far and have not been impressed. VS AEK, Inter and Anorthosis, we dominated but could not score (1-7)!!! Same VS PAOK in the second half. :tdown: We need to score and play dependable defence. I will be there GATE 24 :tup: I was also at the GRE-SWI game :( PEACE
  8. Poor Malesani had a much inferior roster to work with... I have been furious at tzigger about letting Kyrgiako go to AEK. He may have not been the solution vs Ibra, but with him our back line would have been much stronger. Did anyone notice Gilberto missed the ball, on Inter's second goal? Very similar to Simao's mistake of allowing the ball to bounce, instead of kicking it while in the air! PEACE
  9. If you care about the result alone , this was a bad day for EuroPAO. If however you enjoy watching PAO play better than in previous years, then it was an encouraging performance, blemished by a couple letdowns... The difference in this game was the effectiveness of Inter's play, particularly Ibrahimovic and Andriano. That is why they cost 10X more than PAO players. An excellent player makes his money by scoring with the few chances he gets. They had half of PAO's chances and scored twice. In that helped our defensive hick-ups as well. Overall good effort and a performance to build upon... If we play smart, avoid the few costly mistakes on both ends of the field, then second spot may be within our reach. Min 9 points to hope for something. The Germans are beatable. Any points dropped with Anorthosis equate to third or worse. Although this was not a truly memorable night, I must say it is good to be back. ELLAS EUROPH PANATHINAIKOS :gr: PEACE
  10. Our weakness is the CB position, and they gifted both goals to AEK. The AEK CBs were fantastic. Kyrgiakos was the man of the match. Thanks to Tzigger he is at AEK. I disagree with the Vintra-Sariegui CB lineup. They are both mistake prone. I would feel much "safer" not having both in at the same time, but rather replacing one with Goumas. His experience might make the other player better. Just a thought. Melissis would not have played worse, I do not think. Better luck next time HTC... ;) Not being able to score earlier was very disappointing. Terrible performance :tdown: PEACE
  11. Kyrgiakos :nw: was the best AEK player... ;) Wake up Tzigger....!!!! PEACE
  12. Not bad for this early in the year. Expected more goals, but at least we won! 65,000 fans :nw: Scary moments in the back, where only Spyropoulos was actually good. Vintra was decent, Nilsson bad, Sariegui average. Kara is the leader and will be starting, especially in important games. Simao was not at his best, but still was everywhere. Cleyton needs time? Souza shows some promise. Beautiful cross by Gabriel who is superior to Nilsson, only if he would return to defence... We should beat AEK on Sunday. PEACE
  13. I think I am one of the very few that never wanted, and still do not want to give Vintra away. He may not be the greatest player, but he is cheap, relatively young and Greek. The issue I have had with him, is his terrible decision making. He needs to be more cautious with the ball and his fouls. Unfortunately he is the type of player that will do fine during the whole game and mess it up in the end, by giving up the ball with a bad pass or concede a silly foul (or penalty). He is more of a CB (his position at Panhliakos) and with someone experienced next to him, he will do the job. Ten Kate can help him avoid those mistakes that usually cost him a good performance. I expect him to be improved and agree with many of Cyber's points.. Does this mean I do not think we need a great CB? Absolutely NOT!
  14. The many mental mistakes and the 3 pointer storm that hit us, were the reasons for this ridiculous loss. I want to throw up... :tdown: I did not agree with the 3 Span took. I know he was open but with 10 secs, you must go for the inside game first. We would have a better chance in overtime. I do not blame anyone in particular, it was a team loss. Spanoulis was our best player in these Olympics. I really thought we would win this. Not defending the 3s was very costly. The worst moment was the missed slam dunk. No reason for it, it cost us psychologically and they went on a 7-0 run. Sofo again, was a non factor. I am very disappointed in this team today. I consider these Olympics a complete failure. 3-3 is NOT acceptable. We did not beat a single good team. Bad, really bad, and very SAD... Bourousis was the only unexpected good news. Papaloukas was not at his best today. There will be better days. We LOVE our ETHNIKH BASKET :gr: PEACE
  15. I am quite impressed to read that some of you are thinking about the points Greece will get. I have always been for it. The only downside to that, is the up and down cycle. Greece does not need many teams in Europe, but few good ones. I have no problem with the qualifying rounds as long as our teams are in the strong category. Playing a couple of rounds before the groups is good practice. If our teams can not beat the weak teams in the qualifiers, how do we expect them to do in the groups against Europe's giants? PEACE
  16. Usually I support ALL Greek teams in Europe. However, the opportunity to pocket an additional 5.500.000 may make me reconsider this. :P Assuming this bonus brings in the CB we need. If osfp doesn't make it to the CL groups PANATHA gets all the Market pool (1 and 2) money given to Greece. That is 5.500.000 more!
  17. Panathinarena! :tup: PEACE
  18. Well done Ammoxostos ! :tup: Osfp looked dreadful :o PEACE
  19. Well done PAO. :tup: Controlled the game, played efficiently, intelligently with a good system. Simao was the best player, Kara was great, Souza was strong. Gilberto was modest, dependable and error free. Spyropoulos covered a lot of ground on the left. Everyone else did OK. Gabriel who was shaky defensively and directly responsible for their goal, and Vintra, were the ones to need improvement. Ninis and Nilsson were good subs. I like Ten Cate's choices. PEACE
  20. ^^ Thank you PurelyAcademic, for your effort and time to post. :tup: China is looking good in the first so far...vs Spain, 46-37 I just had this thought: I am not sure we want to get 3rd place (B3), in our group. If we beat A2 in the QF then we play B1 (USA) in the semis... Group A is very fluid still, and the top two spots could go to Croatia, Russia, Lithuania, Argentina. The difference between them is relatively small. If we can beat A2 we should be able to beat A1 also. In that scenario we would face B2 (Spain?) in the semis. It may be worth it to risk playing the first team from group A in order to avoid the USA, later on. Of course there is still a chance for 2ND, if China beats Spain and we beat China...Second place (B2) is the best way to the final ! PEACE
  21. Givet and Gilberto have nothing in common, other than the first letter of one of their names. I do not think Givet deserves 1.7mil. Many PAO players might agree with me... :afro: PEACE
  22. Givet has an attitude problem which is not what PAO needs, especially at the CB position where communication and cooperation is key. If he got 1.7 mill, regardless of his ability as a player, that would have brought some resentment amongst our players. I do not think he ever wanted to play in Greece,and that is why his demands were unreasonable, just in case PAO were soft enough to give in... A solid CB is needed NOW, not in Dec. By then PAO would be out of the CL, which is where the impact player is really needed. With the current roster we will do fine domestically. It is in Europe that we need a solid defence, so that our other good investments do not go to waste. It makes little sense both financially and from a football perspective to bring in a couple of great players and not surround them by a balanced cast. Gilberto will not and can not do it alone. He needs help from behind, and he deserves it. Would you buy a Ferrari and drive it on a dirt road? Not to say our CBs are "dirt" but you get the point? I love Goumas, I think he will give all he has as always. Mellissis may be the answer, we can never tell. But Sariegui and Vintra I am not too hopeful about...Simao will do better than them as a CB, and I will not be surprised if he gets that assignment. Please get a CB before the CL groups, PLEASE!!! PEACE
  23. Kind of painful to watch but efficient. Gilberto and Kara gave some needed push in the end. Simao was everywhere. Need to do better, and we will. :whistle: PEACE
  24. 19:00 in Greece, on Super Sport 1. Noon Eastern PEACE
  25. Thanks to all for supporting Goumas, :tup: except ... :o Giannis, was consistently our best defender last season. He also scored some crucial goals and was an aerial threat on set pieces. I am very glad he will be with PAO until the new stadium, he comes from the academies and is green all over. I agree that a few great players will have to be left out this year. It is a shame, but it happened to Ninis, and Fyssas last season. I do like our off. mids, so far. Looking for impact players, I see Kara, Nini, Salpi as the ones to make the difference. It is not just skill, but also heart, personality, and experience that matter! PEACE
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