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  1. That was during the "junta" right? PEACE
  2. Finally, goals and win in WC. Congrats to all the players and coaches. We could always play like that. Regardless of the deserved red, Greece did very well. Reminding us of 2004 with their passion. Greece had 10 chances, Nigeria 2. I am very glad and grateful for the win. Another goal could prove crucial. Go Greece. PEACE
  3. One down, one to go! 13 days to the double! Kai tou xponou paidia. Last time we won the double, Greece won the Euro, with a PAO players core. Hopefuly Greece will make the second round in the WC. Protathlima pote xana ston Peiraia :P PEACE
  4. Simao and Ninis were "laurakia" Simao especially, came out of nowhere to practice with PAO in Paiania as a guest?!!! Simao will be 22 in July, Ninis will be 20, April 3. We need them both for years to come. PEACE
  5. There will be a fiesta Apr 11. Bans do not work. Never did, never will. The kind of subhuman which commits atrocities that warrant a ban for his team, DOES NOT CARE about anyone or anything, other than his own a$$ Punishing teams, does nothing to prevent scum like that, only throwing them in jail will. Having won the league with a nice win vs "giraios" we should play many subs at PAS (twice) and enjoy a fun OAKA cup final on the 24. Does anyone have the stats for the most goals scored in the Greek league in a single season? Mauros, I believe, scored 25 in an 18 team season. Cisse may be close to a per game record. PEACE
  6. Last game before Easter break. Looking for a Panathanastasi! ;) I would not be surprised to see PAO fans It is in Peristeri... PEACE
  7. PAO dominated during home games vs AEK, Osfp, Asteras, Kavala, away vs PAOK, Aris, none of which were victories. Same story vs Satan-dard (no typo). When this becomes a reoccurring theme, it is no longer a coincidence or bad luck. PAO defense is very suspect to begin with, and horrific in counter attacks. Nioplias is a very nice, honest, hard working, ex-PAO player, who has had two good results so far, both vs Roma. This PAO team on paper, is the strongest since the 2003 team that Tzigger demolished. It is hard to believe sometimes that PAO has players like Cisse, Gilberto, Kara, Katsourani, Salpi, Nini, and can be so ineffective at times. We may win the double like in 2004, when Manolis was the hero, but played suspect football under the incompetent Scum (no typo) Back then we celebrated our best game of the year during the cup final, thrashing osfp 3-1. Maybe we will enjoy a similar victory vs Aris at this year's cup final. Either way it will be a lukewarm double if it happens. My greatest wish however, is that our Greek NT performs equally well in this WC as the last time PAO won the double in 2004. After all the core of our NT is Panathinaikos and our well rested players may perform miracles once more. PS: Since the police is unwilling, unable, incompetent, or plainly indifferent about controlling the "fans"... How about using the K9s, or videotaping. Some morons from all teams, that call themselves fans, do not belong in sports. No one is willing to take responsibility for their actions, let technology and the dogs take over. This must stop. The decline of Greece's civilization, is apparent in many forms of society, politics, economy, sports. This disregard and disrespect for anything and anyone, is becoming a fast spreading virus, that has infected this land and will be it's demise. The EGO kills ! :tdown: PEACE
  8. You make some good points andrew. Greek players gave more in Europe for their teams. However PAO is actually the most Greek team in the superleague. Almost the whole EURO 04 team was Panathinaikos players, this has been true for years. I am pleased we got Kara, Giourka, back and signed Katsourani. I wish that a s s Tzigger would have never given up on our '03 team. I still miss Kyrgiako... Imagine him and Melberg as our CBs! I never liked Daniil. Manolis Olisadebe on the other hand, played some very good games for PAO. He had injuries, otherwise he could have been a PAO great. PAO wasted an amazing opportunity, just after two historic performances vs Roma. At least they tried in Liege. Bye Europa! PEACE
  9. PAO needs to WIN! Standard is NOT good :tdown: PAO made them look that way. PEACE
  10. I tried to get tickets at 10:00 am, when they went on sale. The lines were huge, both at gate 4, and Irini metro station. Decided to watch the game on Nova with friends. Let's be true and real. anything less than a good old thrashing of oly, will be a letdown... My views on this have been expressed on the PAO-Standard thread. What I wish for is a qualification in the Europa Cup! :gr: No matter what, NO excuses. PAO OLE :tup: PEACE
  11. Loukas, if anything, deserves a medal for commitment and perseverance. :tup: He has played every defensive position. A fan favorite, after hearing the wrath of the common fan for years. Average game and valuable win for our PAO. Still not ready for a fiesta yet. Next Sunday may be the end of gauro's dynasty. Still glad to see how our players celebrated. PEACE
  12. Typo Cyber :o APO=PAO Unable to edit my post. :( PEACE
  13. I was at the game... My fears and concerns became true in the form of a nightmare, that I and millions of PAO fans, had to endure Thursday night. Was disgusted with Galinovic, the PAO defense, and Nioplia's decision (although I think the message comes from above). This Sunday PAO has the chance of trashing gauro. Also APO has the duty to it's glorious European history to win at Liege. If APO do not beat gauro by at least two, hopefully three, it will be a championship lost from giro, NOT won from PAO. I may be very disappointed with our loss to Liege, because it was easily preventable, but I really believe a team like PAO does not choose games. I know that CL groups mean millions of guaranteed euros, and that is the main reason behind first place in the league. For years I have been a proponent of the European games. APO has given us fans more joy than any other Greek team, in Europe. APO will win the league, will go to the CL groups, and if lucky and good, may go through as second. What next, another Greek league? Another CL group another exit from Europe? I know I am in the minority, but it is a matter of preference and taste, to which as the Romans said "in the matters of taste there is no dispute". I still prefer ONE great European showing, over 13 Greek championships!... My priority is not to brag to the reds that PAO is the team in Greece, rather than to know that my team PAO has been the best representative of Greek football, with some amazing results that even the most optimistic Greek fan could not dream of. 0-1 at Porto, Ajax, Hamburg, Inter. 0-2 at Schalke, 1-3 at Glasgow, 0-3 at Bremen. 2-3 at Roma plus too many more to mention. PAO needs two 3-0 wins this coming week to make us ecstatic, if I had to chose ONE however it would be at Liege. PEACE
  14. The Standard coach, in a Belgian TV interview before flying to Athens, was asked how he compares PAO with Oly. He replied: "They are a much more talented, more organized group than Olympiakos" I would not make it up... ;) The Belgians are astonished about the general strike in Greece. These are Mediterranean phenomena, that occur mostly in Greece, and sometimes in France, Italy or Spain. Athinaie, Cyber, imagine a general strike in the US... :LOL: The last time something like that happened, was in the early 80s, when the Air traffic controllers union went on strike. Reagan fired ALL of them!!! :tdown: ALPA, our pilot union, attempted something similar in 1999. Billy Clinton declared national security issues, which made such strike action unconstitutional... Tomorrow the Greek public sector will be dead. We are lucky to have electricity! From one extreme to another! Cyber, "Enter Sandman" is by Metallica which you hate, so no problem. Motrohead is popular among gate 13 fans. They have a strong following in Greece, and have performed live several times at Gagarin and Rodon. During one of their recordings in Athens, they performed their hit "Metropolis", but changed the lyrics to "Acropolis"... About the game. All these changes may be to rest players, to give the hungry ones play time, or to confuse Standard? Hope it's for the best. Come on Gali zero in our net! Need to win by 2-0. Standard will attack. PEACE
  15. I personally enjoy watching the antiestablishment, anti-globalisation, pro-peace, oneworld, greenpower, anti-IMF, demonstrations, under the politically powerful messages of: Rage Against The Machine, Public Enemy No 1, mixed in with some Zappa! Their messages are quite relevant to the economic/moral collapse of today's politics. When it comes to PAO games however, nothing better than the old..."Syllogos megalos den yparxei allos..." followed by Queen's timeless anthem "We are the Champions" at the final whistle. Prior to each half, to get fired up, I would recommend for your listening enjoyment the "melow sounds" of fine music from: Sabbath, Deep Purple, Motorhead, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Sex Pistols, Anti-Nowhere League with songs as: Paranoid, Highway Star, Iron Fist, No Remorse, Blitzkrieg, The Trooper, Skin of my teeth, So what... After an exhausting event nothing better than "No Quarter" from the ZEPP, or "Astronomy" from BOC. Before sleep John Coltrane for sure :) Back to the PAO game. There is a general strike :tdown: on Thurs.+PAO = CHAOS ( XAOS ) :ph34r: No Public transportation, no planes I will have to walk home after the game! The Standard fans will have to stay overnight :whistle: Greek Banks made billions of Euros in 2009!!! :blink: Greece is borrowing trillions from the IMF, US, Eurozone at 6.6% WAKE UP :angry: PEACE
  16. Standard came back to score 3 goals after being down 2-0 vs Saltzburg! The Austrian team had a dream group stage and their elimination was a surprise. PAO players have to be very careful not to forget that any team can lose, even from a less talented side. That is what we did to Roma. I am sure Nioplias and Warzycha will stress that. I want a win in Athens and a tie in Liege. Marinos was good vs Levadiakos, he might play. I expect Simao to do a lot of work as usual, he has been a hidden treasure for us. PEACE
  17. I wrote a friendly invitation on their fan site. Some were friendly, most were distrustful. They seem to think they will win in Athens. Go PANATHA! PEACE
  18. I want an easy, stress free, win, with no injuries, and good chemistry for Thursday. The weather changed today. It has been a spring like week, reminding me of back home in Hermosa Beach... Tomorrow will start to rain and the max temp will reach 12C. Mid 50s F. I do not anticipate many fans. 2-0 Cisse, Kara. PEACE
  19. A week to go and still no tickets on sale. Ninis should be fit. Currently 7th in the Belgian League: 1. Anderlecht 60 2. Club Brugge 51 3. AA Gent 43 4. KV Kortrijk 41 5. Sint-Truiden 39 6. Zulte-Waregem 39 7. Standard Liege 38 We should NOT approach this round as favorites! Need better than 3-2 to qualify. I am hoping for a 2-0. Return game on the 18th, just three days before the derby. Wouldn't we want to leave Liege with a qualification, high morale, in full strength for the reds? Belgian supporters have the opportunity to watch the game in Athens for 340 euro standard.be This includes airfare, all transfers, game ticket, free time in Athens. Sounds fun! PEACE
  20. I LOVE Leoforos <3 So many memories for myself and many close friends. Swimming team, Gate 13, Greece-Russia 1-0, PAO Barca 1-0, PAO Arsenal 1-0, plus too many more to mention. Walking home after a win with PAO scarfs and cars beeping at us yelling, trifillara OLE! I still walk by, every day, now that I am temporarily in Athens. That historic stadium is old, rustic, beautiful, and decadent, like New York used to be before Giuliani. It has outgrown PAO needs, and is too small, and outdated, even for domestic games. However I disagree about demolishing it. That is the agreement under the most recent plan. It is true, Athens is in great need of green zones. Greece is in great need of sports academies, and that is what Leoforos should remain. Basketball, volleyball, boxing, weight lifting, wrestling, SWIMMING teams and academies are currently operating under the stands. I can see the football field and it is in top shape. They should leave it alone, and turn it into a sports park. Allow football games for the public, and have football classes. It would be the only one of it's kind in central Athens. A park would be wasted space, as it is too close to "Pedion tou Areos" Has anyone had the chance to walk through the OAKA grounds during a non game day? It is a huge area that is completely wasted. Instead of people jogging, roller skating, walking, there is no one there. The tennis courts are the only "active" area. The swimming pool is too expensive, a hassle to become a member and opening hours are restrictive. Greeks are probably the least active people in Europe. It is a miracle to me that we do so well in sports. Most athletes are from the countryside. My point is, Athens needs a place for people to do sports. More so, than a green zone. By the way, Eleonas/Votanikos is a terrible place for the PAO Arena. It was politically motivated, cheap, and easy, compared to the alternative options. Still not a single brick has been laid. Not to mention that Babis Vovos, the Northern suburb real estate mogul, has put his big ugly nose deep into this project, with his shopping center at the PAO Arena. This is creating a lot of additional delays. He is NOT our friend! Call me romantic, old fashioned or hippie. Shopping centers, VIP boxes, and restaurants do not belong in, or around, a football arena. Even from a safety perspective, there is more for the "animals" to break. Unless they aspire to eliminate fan violence by the time our new arena is built. <_< PEACE
  21. When the beer stops flowing... PAO has a crucial game at Nea Smyrnh, and a full schedule to follow: Greece friendly March 3 Livadia at home March 7 Standard Liege March 11 At Asteras Tripolis March 14 At Liege March 18, only three days before the derby... Oly. at home March 21 Plus two cup games vs PAS No rest. No sweat ! PEACE
  22. Cyber, do not forget me on the beers. :P I LOVE Karagounis more than any other player, for his immeasurable contribution to PAO and Greece. When I heard he would not be playing, my immediate reaction was negative. He lives for these games, and is a proven leader. However, I though that PAO would be quicker without him. Was that an understatement! Look how fast Ninis reacts when he has the ball. NO delay, looks left, right passes, BANG. THREE goals created by Ninis, two executed by Cisse. In a game where Kante is decent, especially after he got the "note" from Nioplias, PAO will do well. Obviously NINIS was Euroclass, Cisse a cold executioner, Simao a mad defending machine. Impressive Nioplias tactics, defensively and offensively Any other coach would have held the team back after the equalizer. Everyone deserves congrats. The players, coaches, fans. HISTORIC wins against a great ITALIAN side. 6 goals, thrice from behind. Pateras should do his part in keeping Simao, Ninis. There will be big offers for them after these performances! CELEBRATE :gr: PEACE
  23. Bienvenuto a nostro forum! PANATHINAIKOS and Olympiakos are big rivals. Oly comes from the port of Athens, called Pireas. I am well aware or the regional, and political differences between ROMA and Lazio. It is not dissimilar between PAO and Oly. We can talk about that in length and give you more info if you are interested. Grazie per le foto CIAO for now. PEACE
  24. Thank you Cyberfish, Genome, Athinaios. It is good to be back. The atmosphere was very "warm" for half an hour before and after the game. After the 0-1 it got a little quiet, except from the "organomenous" who never stop chanting! At the beginning of the second half, it was louder and at the end of the game it got crazy. We sat there for at least 20 minutes. It was fun to be there, especially with an ending like that. There were very few open seats, mostly the 100 euro ones, at gate 29, and the "buffer zone" around the 1,000 or so, Roma fans. The Roma fans were heard after each one of Roma's goals. They had a banner with "[email protected] ton Peirea" ... and a green "Ultras Athens" flag, to show their camaraderie? No major interchanges between the visiting fans, if you exclude the occasional "Roma, Roma va fare in culo" or "PAO [email protected], tin Roma tin [email protected]" Many flares, even on the Roma stands, none that I saw thrown on the pitch. The occasional laser beam on the opponents eyes was ever present. Cisse loves the attention, he thrives from the fans adoration, and we give to him wholeheartedly when he scores! I went on Roma fan forums and they blame their goalie for the bad result. I agree about the second goal. Sorry no photos, just great memories. PEACE
  25. Hello to all ! I have not posted in ages Last night's game motivated me to. Very exciting game. I was at gate 21, under the Roma fans who were very friendly. Roma scored too easily. PAO did not give up and the result came in the end. Our second goal was lucky. However we had missed too many better chances and deserved a break. The fans were still chanting 15 mins after the game. Roma will be very hard to disqualify but I am one of those who enjoy each game for what it is, and that was one of the most exciting I have seen. Better than the 3-1 vs Juve or the 3-1 vs Nantes. It is extremely rare for any Greek team to come back from behind twice and beat an Italian side... I called that Salpi would score The fans cheered Cisse too much. He is a difference maker and should have scored the header from three meters in the first half Simao was EVERYWHERE. The MVP undoubtedly. Roma was unbeaten in the last 20 games! Enjoy this great and historic win. :gr: PEACE
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