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  1. the last friendly against W.H. was, imo, the strongest match of this summer. We faced a strong opponent with fast and technically efficient players who put a lot of pressure to our defense. Amazingly, Herwood dribbled Zevlakov, Cezar and Anatolakis as if they were not existing at all! At times, I was wondering whether our defense is ready for prime time. It seems like Cezar is not ready yet (perhaps it is due to the late joining to our team). Anatolakis is the same he always was, I couldn't expect more from him. Same for Pantos. Uandou and Domi were missing badly, I hope the first will return from injury as soon as possible. All in all, I am pretty impressed from our team but we must keep our optimism as low as possible. I still remember the fiasco against Rozenborg in Karaiskaki...
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