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  1. Colin Kazım Richards aka Kazım Kazım has been loaned out to Olympiacos for €875k. Olympiacos have the option to buy the player for €1.5m until May 31, 2012. It took me by suprise to see him leave. He played 19 games this season scoring 3 goals. He mainly played as a right winger or a right midfield player in a 4-1-4-1 or a 4-4-2. In his Fener days, he played as striker sometimes. He is clearly not better than Mirallas, possibly better than Fetfastzidis. He lacked disipline in his Fenerbahce days but with right guidance from Fatih Terim in Turkish national team and Galatasaray, did well in t
  2. to sumarize what happend at fenerbahce this summer. june 1, they sign emanuel emmenike from karabukspor for 9 milyon euro. june 17, they sign orhan şam from genclerbirligi for 2,4 milyon euro. june 18, they sign sezer ozturk from eskişehirspor for 4 milyon euro. june 27, they sign serdar kesimal from kayserispor for 4,5 milyon euro. july 3, chairman aziz yıldırım, legal advisor şekip mosturoğlu taken into custody and arrest for alleged match fix. new signing emmenike also taken into custody. july 14, financial director tamer yelkovan and board member ilhan ekşioğlu arrest for alleged mat
  3. 26 total players, 11 of them new players. :huh: that is a very big overhaul from last seison. and difficult even for fatih terim to manage. :blink: gs1905, i think you should also include changes in our technical personnal end of last seison. along with fatih terim, former legend of the club taffarel replaced nezihi ali baloğlu as goalkeepers' coach. fatih terim's asistants are former galatasaray players and uefa cup winners hasan şaş and umit davala. hasan's first coach experience while umit already coached turkey u21 team and galatasaray first team coach under skibbe in 2009. galatasa
  4. watch the second gol of eskişehirspor guys. ;) very sublim finish from former beşiktaş striker batuhan to wrap up the game. guti did not play in this match and he is not injured. coach carvalhal says it is his decision. by the way, did carvalhal coach any teams in greece? i remember something like this.
  5. DAY 1 Eskişehirspor-Beşiktaş 2-1 Goals Diego Angelo' 27 (1-0) Hugo Almeida' 45+2 (1-1) Batuhan' 84 (2-1) Eskişehir v BJK - Game Highlights
  6. I don't think what I say was funny. If your advocation for Rijkaard only because he is a big name didn't blind your eyes, you would think same. So what he's a big name? He made Barcelona Champions League win. But he als made Sparta Roterdamm relegate! Nobody mentions that! We all know he would be sacked if Cruyf was not on his back in his first season at Barcelona. All he delivered was one Champions League title in five years with players like Ronaldinho, Eto'o, Deko, Messi, Xavi, Marques at his disposal. The only reason he remained five seasons at Barcelona was he was Dutch. Face it, he i
  7. I can't understand this patience fetish with GS fans. I mean, it's half season and the team is playing nothing. We have creativ names but their stats except Keweel's are horrible. Keita 1 goal 5 asist, Elano 2 goal 3 asist, Arda 3 goal 8 asist. What if the name is Rijkard? Skibbe's team last year was much better. Lincoln even if he was a spoilt brat was galaxyes better than Elano. I say sack Rijkard midseason because it is too late when season ends we'll finish in 4th 5th place again with all stars we signatured. Look at Panatinaikos. I think they shoud have sacked Kate before season begun.
  8. Sure. ;) I disagree. Especally Mustafa Sarp was nowhere to be seen in the second half, like the BJK game. Panathinaikos domimated the midfield and look to play behind our defensive back line. We were lucky with offside tricks and linesmen got the decision wrong once which would be a goal scoring oportunity. Pana could still turn game after 0-3 fall behind. That wasn't good. I disagree vehemently! Beşiktaş match was Ruştu's gift! First and second goal? First goal he waits on his goalline and Mustafa scores free header on back post. Second goal he lets go ball loose from a weak shoot and
  9. TABATAI will select him over capricioius Linkoln anytime. His fee is problem (4 - 5 milyon €) JAHIC I watch him played aganst Belgum and was ok in front sveeper. He can be in for outgoing Linderot. ESTAYANOF Who is this player, Seriusly!! :angry: GSPUNGING Same with Estayanoff! :( ZEWLAKOV Im not sure its as bad as GS1905 say. He was only player that stood out in Olympiakos game in Octeber. Can improve our defense.
  10. off of! another coaching blunder by the great captain. it seems he is not into managing yet. :o yes, drakos, it could be super if we lifted trophy of UEFA Cup in Kadikoy but it is out of window now. it was every cimbom supporter dream for this saison :( and GS1905, i'm starting to think you commited suicide after match. two days, no single comment. :hypocrite:
  11. Ohaa! The leg look as if it was shot by bullet. It shows how filthy players we have in Turkish League.The squad look disappointing but it is our job to do miracles and write history. :box:
  12. I keep saying this. Germany is the best and most complete team of the competion! I really got shock with the comments for Turkey game! :o Turkey played better?! How?! When are you going to understand that having more shoots at goal doesn't mean you played better! Turkey had 11 shoots on the target but half of them were straight at Lehman and from long range or out wide. Germany threataned whenever they came at us and that is how you play the football! :whistle: Everyone now probably says Spain will win in final but I think we are goign to see a route in the final by Germany! Spain should
  13. That was quite a scaching attack! <_< I am not going to argue with you. I have stated my opinion. But there is one thing I'm going to respond to... - Perhaps that explains why Real Madrid didn't win any European Cups in the last decade or so! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  14. The_Turk or GS05, as they call you these days, that is the most rubbish kind of comment I have heard about this year's European Championship. Germany have been by far the best and most complete team of the competion. I checked your early post and you say Croatia is one of the best team in this Championship. The only game Croatia played well was against Germany. But in that game even, if Gomes and Klose score the big chances in first half, they would loose. Against Austria they were hopeless and a technical team than the hosts would have put at least three past them. Everybody say Holand is gre
  15. I'm very happy to be posting the first message of 2007 to the forums and Wederson is now an ex-left back for Ankaraspor, he joined PSV Eindhoven on a 6-months' loan. The Dutch club have the options to buy him for €3M in June 2007.
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