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  1. Guys,where can I find the chat?
  2. I would love if we could play against Chelsea right now, Lampard is out for 3 to 4 weeks, Drogba,John Terry and Florent Malouda are all out, But they still have essien, makelele, mikel, Cole. So injuries is not anything to hope, Okey,It would be much better like this I think but the key is to give everything
  3. Nikopolidis live on super spor fm. Talking about the draw
  4. Chelsea, Will Drogba be playing? Mikel,Essien, All the Africans player will be in the Africa cup or? Not? NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE
  5. Yes,We could have had Sevilla But its still good for us, I think that we can win, How did Fenerbahce win against Inter? I know that we can win this, I know it! :gr:
  6. Lyon - Man utd, yes, The 2 best teams, are already drawn
  7. Celtic - Barcelona, YEES,We can not play Barca,thats positve for us :)
  8. Okey,Im extremly happy right now, Now for the draws, I dont really think that we should care, I mean how could Rosenborg play 1-1 against Chelsea? And Chelsea also played at home so why could not we win? Eimaste megali omada!!!!
  9. Olympiakos PERASE STOYS 16!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. penalty for Lazio, Casillas SAVES, Match end 3-1 Madrid!
  11. 2-0000000000000000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DARKO!
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