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  1. This is a sport that I can play and compete in world cup level.

    :lol: :lol: :lol:

    See? I knew we had some real champions here!... Bravo Vaggar, protathliti mas. Kamari tou Phantis!... :tup: :tup: :nw: :nw: :tup: :tup: :blink:

    Posted Image

  2. Is the phatis radio down? It won't load anything.

    Yes, there seems to be a problem with it... It must have happened during this Saturday when some work was going on with the servers.

    I'll take a look at things on Monday. Thanks for pointing it out.

  3. Just one? There's plenty left out.

    • Takis Loukanidis
    • Kostas Linoksilakis
    • Andreas Papaemmanouil
    • Frangiskos Sourpis
    • Kostas Eleftherakis
    to name a few... I'm sure more unforgetable names will pop up.

    Well guys, let's start making a Hall of Fame section on Phantis, with pictures, bios and everything. Anybody willing to help with collecting info and piecing together the puzzle for such a section?

  4. The Eagles scrape by the Giants with a 14-10 win. Right when everybody thought that the New York Giants had wrapped up the game (they were ahead 10-7 with 1+ minute to play) and the Eagles score a touch down on a punt return.

    Once again, a pitiful team, and as the broadcasters said "probaly the worse game of the day"...

    The Eagles got a win ... lucky bastards! And, I'm an Eagles fan!...

  5. I'm lucky enough to have in my possession a tape called "Hatzipanagis Show".

    Ziaka was kind enough to send me a tape - for my viewing pleasure - but the quality of the VHS tape was very poor.

    Is there any way we can get our hands on a good quality tape? I'm very interested (and I believe Ziaka is too) -- so if somebody can direct us to the source of such a tape, feel free to contact us (via PM).

  6. Eagles coach sticks with McNabb as a quarterback for the upcoming game against the New York Giants.

    While it's a vote of confidence for his quarterback, given McNabb's current performance in this year's games, it seems like a sure way to crucify the Eagles.

    If the Eagles loose again this Sunday (no matter what the circumstances), the Philly fans will be asking for somebody's head on the platter!...

  7. According to Footy Mad:

    Greek International Choutos Is Targeted

    The agent of Olympiakos striker Lambros Choutos has once again confirmed that the Greek International is wanted by Bolton Wanderers with a January move for the unsettled player said to be on the cards perhaps even sooner if the Greek champions terminate his contract.

  8. The Eagles won today by the skin of their teeth -- 27-25 over the Washington Redskins....

    But what a pitiful performance -- by both teams!... I'll only give some browny points to the Eagles defense. The NFC East used to be a dominant force in the NFL... So far, all I've seen is mediocre performances...

    Next week the Eagles take on the Dallas Cowboys (in Dallas) who lead the division... If nothing else, I just hope to see a decent football game!...

  9. It's amazing how many talent Olympiakos manages to choke, isn't it? A practice that hasn't changed since the early sixties (at least that's how far I can remember). So much talent joining Olympiakos and there's no outlet!... Greece is a tiny market and without anything to show in Europe, all these highly talented soccer players fall flat on their face!...

    Now, why is it that Olympiakos amasses all this talent and does squat on an international level? I have my own theory, but let me listen to your's first...

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