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  1. Yes but, and this may make no sense, we are not really a pot 4 team. Currently yes, but Greece should never be in pot 4. We are terrible right now, in a slump and why we find ourselves here.
  2. Ha ha what a disaster this is going to be.
  3. It’s truly fake man, some guy in Australia with a Facebook post started the rumour and it’s spread lol. Some people have nothing better to do
  4. That’s just a bullshit rumour started by some m#$%! on Facebook. There is absolutely no truth to it. Zero
  5. Spanish second division is much better than Greek super league...yet no one has a problem with Pelkas being called
  6. ^^^Arnold Schwarzenegger used to superset chest & back exercises on same day lol...anyway, it sucks we put ourselves in this position but you never now what can happen, however unlikely.
  7. We will be fine without Donis, just like we did without Karelia..kid has just really come onto the seen last couple matches
  8. They are already underestimating us, like it's a foregone conclusion. Who's Greece?? let them underestimate us at their peril. Same sh*t came out of Bosnias mouth. http://www.sport24.gr/football/mundial/mundial-2018/mplazevits-gia-ethnikh-poia-ellada-na-toys-dialusoyme-mesa-sto-ghpedo.4895608.html
  9. Unfortunately looks like the injury to Manolas is worse than initially thought. Looking at 3-4 weeks out, with Roma hoping to have him back by 5th November. http://app.football-italia.net/?referrer=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.football-italia.net%2F111377%2Fmanolas-out-month#article/footballitalia-111377
  10. Update: The injury is just a muscle strain should be back in 2 weeks
  11. Apparently now tests show he has a fracture that will keep him out for up to 4 weeks...damn shame, hopefully he can make it in time but then fitness will be a problem
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