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I’m posting this message in a manner that will not offend any rules put forward by this forum...

I’m an established member in the (live televised streams) community, and during my fair share of time have gathered quite an extensive knowledge and background in this certain area.

However after coming to my attention a few months ago, that some of these activities are illegal and considered by most as piracy, I have sworn to myself that I shall not watch another free footy, cricket or NBA game ever again.

As for my knowledge I have turned to god for guidance.

If there are other people out there tempted to meddle, in the unknown world of (live televised streams). I can help in counselling them to stay away from this Evil.

If you are tempted into this and need general information about (live televised streams) so that u can recognise the signs and stay clear away from it. Then PM me so that no more Victims will fall needlessly.

Your caring Forum User


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As for my knowledge I have turned to god for guidance.

:D :tup:
I am glad somebody is going places like heaven.

Hopefully we have many streams this weekend. Go PAOK GO. :tup: :tup: :tup:

To be honest, I have lost interest in the protathlima. Hopefullu it get intersting and they play some good football

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