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AEK - Deportivo..... Live


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Thanks for rubbing it in.......

I am just nervous that our team cant play for 90minutes and in the big games it requires all 90minutes

I agree with the 90minutes OM21 and the DRAW mentality, but I am even more concerned with our finishing... Last year we would have gone to the next round if ANY of our strikers could have scored the numerous bunnies that we had during the Genk games and actually there were a few during the ROma games as well. But especially GENK. All we needed was ONE goal in Any of those games and we would have gone thru.

I see the problem again so far. Classic opportunities in front of the goal with Lymbe, Okkas (HUGE opportunity), Ivic and Tsiartas (thank god he finally broke thru). You have to bury the ball and whether it is nerves or just not in finishing form yet, we cannot afford to miss more goals. From the way that they played in the second half, they were not playing for the draw, they were playing for the win... just not finishing the ball... even after tsiartas scored they were still pressing. I like to see that. I just hope we can hammer it home.

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well i bet that wouldv'e made you laugh om21 :lol:

on a seriuos note if that's the case well dusan is unproffesional but on other hand they should just get pano off if it's going to cause him miss traning sessions and not have mind of job. in the end it only hurts one thing= THE TEAM.

and if they want the team to suffe rto prove their point well those people are much more stupid and brainless then i thought in the 1st place.

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