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  1. Disappointing way to go out but that's part of the game. CUDOS to the players, I am proud of them because they played beyond their capabilities, they fought hard so that's all anyone of us can ask for, they didn't lay down like dogs. Sad part is CR was so hadable it's not even funny, if only we had real closers but we don't, and what the hell was wrong with Samaris today, and Toro? We also looked kind of dodgy in defense when it counted, Karnezis on the goal was a mere observer!!! Why was Santos sent off and why was he so argumentative with the refs? Does he not get it that he is supposed to be the shining example of the team's demeanor? Unless he was too busy worrying about a contract renewal that he was watching slip through his fingers. Maybe in 4 years we'll have a more complete team :gr: :gr: :gr: :gr:
  2. Make no mistake CR is a very tough team so let's not get ahead of our selves alla apo to stoma sou kai stou Theou t'afti
  3. I like it....now let's hope it works out for us :gr: :gr: :gr: :gr: :gr: :gr: :gr: :gr: Colombia was on fire yesterday, again, and their defense was much improved so they are for real, as much as I don't care for them! My 2nd favorites, Brasil, did not look convincing at all. Neymar was shut down and the team didn't do much of nothing to compensate. They are very lucky to be through Chile who was one heck of a playing team.
  4. blue, I said they did the impossible because everyone in the international media had them written off. And even though we are not a deep team, the injuries only must have exacerbated their impression of Greece not being able to score with the subs being thrown into the game, not by choice but due to need. But it worked in reverse, they did score and could have scored 3 more goals if luck would have smiled a bit. So yes, I do believe they executed the somewhat impossible, not because they qualified but because of the style in which they did it. What counts for me most of all is the dogged determination they displayed and many cudos to them for that alone, no matter the result (they also did with 10 men against Japan so no doubt the heart is there). I love that they won and qualified but I am proud of their heart and determination to fight to the very end for the win, most of all. That's a departure from the typical Greek NT, except for that of 2004.
  5. CR is a very good team but if we play them right we can beat them. Same style as Colombia and we could have taken them also but we played them all wrong with many wrong players. I saw the post game Santos interview yesterday, what sloppy looking, arrogant, egocentric prick! He was happier that his son was with him rather than HIS team doing the impossible, and whom he never gave credit to, for such good display. The IC coach on the other hand, a world of class. Why is it that we seek the bottom of the barrel?
  6. We had 4 off the post, the Salpi or Gekas side post, much too early in the morning and the coffee has yet to lift the fog so I can't remember which.
  7. I owe some of you an apology! Santos is indeed the problem and sincerely hope he leaves well enough alone. This team deserves to play as is, forget Katsou and friends, the gerousia should not even be in the bench....They can play an offensive game, if natural positions and abilities of the players are respected.
  8. bleed, it goes beyond that, our boys never seem to realize that this is a spectator's sport and if you don't please the spectators you're history. They think we owe our support to them and we frankly don't. We love our nation and want to see it do good in every competition, to include the WC, so the individuals are indeed secondary. Your perception about Holland and the rest of the teams fighting every second and until the end is dead on. And I'll add that the ref was against Greece but we must ask why. I'd say because we play ugly football, in comparison to most other nations. So call me suspicious but I do believe that FIFA wants us out of the tournament, ASAP. They care for the funs to continue to enjoy flare and beauty and we have nothing to offer, spectator wise. That's where the money's at and FIFA is all about money.
  9. I am usually the NT's worst critic because they always seem to leave me hanging but in this game, after Katsou left, they showed heart, and yes mistakes were made due to stamina and weather conditions, but they played their hearts out and for the oldest team of the tournament they proved to be better fit than the much younger and German like methodical Japs (well coached by trying to pull a German stint early on and damn if we didn't let them). The 300 Spartans comparison is laughable because the Spartans were the most well trained, most organized, best fighting machine of the time were as our NT is neither well trained, nor is it well organized, and is definitely not tough as nails! Look guys, we all know our fundamental problems both with the NT and as a nation, so there's no need to rehash. But I'll share with you my own observation that I believe will sum up the attitude, which if we don't shake we'll never be serious contenders at anything we do. While the Japanese players apologized to their fans for not scoring and not winning this game, which they very much expected to win, our team and in extent our media celebrates this tie! Yes they fought hard and with 10 men they hung in there but why was this even necessary? Because we've always been unprepared, unskilled, and mentally weak by not believing in ourselves. Example; the objective for this team was to make it to the 16. Shame on you for not desiring to fight for the gold, being satisfied for a place in 16. I don't believe there's any other team in a WC that thinks like that. And that my friends is the primary reason as to why we don't do well at anything we have to compete at. Frapedaki, tsigaraki, ouzaki, mezedaki, bouzoukaki, poutsobaremataki kai h zwh sunexizete! Now tell the Germans that, tell them to be mediocre at anything they do. And I'll close with a question, why is it that the NT coach is not Greek? I know the answer but I'd like to hear from you, and if you believe I'm wrong in my observations please feel free to counter.
  10. Filoi, This is the first time I've watched this team play so my opinion is totally based upon this particular game so, I could be off base but IMHO a) they lacked creativity up front, B) effective set pieces were completely absent, c) it didn't seem that the team was coached well enough to be able to overcome adversity, d) they argued among them, e) movement finesse is obviously there but was spotty, f) I didn't see anyone of our players capable playing havoc with their defense (with dribbles and quick one twos). Yes, the goal was SILLY, but they should have played for 90 minutes the way they played at the beginning of the second half. They controlled the ball wonderfully and looked like a real class team for about 10 mins but after that they went absent again. Was it lack of fitness? Mental lapses of concentration? Missing key players? Nerves? All of the above? Who knows, but the fact remains that they didn't have what it took to be crowned Euro champs yesterday. On more thing that was ugly, what was the deal with our player flagrantly scratching the ear of the Spaniard? Total lack of class/sportsmanship if you ask me. This team needs work both physically and mentally. No doubt the physical quality is there but raw talent won't cut it in international competitions. It bothered me we lost but the above bothers me more. Lets hope that maturity will correct most of the above.....
  11. Thanks for the links guys....kai Kali mas epitixia!! Yiwrgos
  12. Alright guys, first off the very best of luck to our tough young men. I hope the do lift the koupa and make us all proud. But since I live in the USA, and have no opportunity of watching the game on TV, please tell me where I can tune in 'cause I'd hate to miss it! Are there any internet connections that are worth the effort? Thanks in advance, Yiwrgos
  13. Let me be the first to give CONGRATULATIONS to Spain for a well earned victory.
  14. Spain is doing everything right while we look confused. I dearly hope they can turn this around but it's not looking promising. :gr: :gr: :gr: :gr: :gr: :gr: :gr:
  15. As a Greek, and I hate to admit this, at times we display a complete lack of class! Extreme highs/lows are abound but this team/coach, I believe, is steady professionalism and always but always with clarity of mind. And that my friends is something to be proud of!I hope we lift it today :gr: :gr: :gr: :gr: :gr: :gr:
  16. I stand by my quote. Anything less than gold will be a failure. We are the best. Let's do it all the way re ga*oto!!!! :gr: :gr: :gr: Bluestriker, this team has no "failure" in it. As they've played so far they've proven time and again the are a world class team, and they should win today, but remember some times the ball bounces against you. Support your team with your whole heart and hope they be crowned "world champs" :gr:
  17. I was listening to the ESPN pundits on Friday, while trying to set up the DVD recorder, and they were waxing on end on how the US has the best players in the world and that the Greek victory was more luck than anything else. See, arrogance still will not allow them to accept the obvious, that team work and intelligence wins over raw talent. And I'm glad they refuse get it because it gives us an opportunity to continue beating them. Best of luck tomorrow mornig to Hellas. I am so proud of the maturity of our players. Class team all around :gr: :gr: :gr: :gr: :gr:
  18. So, what's the previous record between Hellas and Spain? Should we be worried? I saw them play Argentina this am and they looked very tough but I think our boys can do it!
  19. What time (central) are the remaining 2 games? Thanks,
  20. My Turkish friends we are accepting congratulations :nw: Go ahead, spit it out ;)
  21. How sweet it is!!!! :gr: :gr: :gr: :gr: :gr: :gr: :gr: :gr: :gr: :gr: :gr: :gr: :gr: :gr: :gr:
  22. To proto imixrono teliwse.Ellada-Ameriki 45-41 Malista paidia! The mental aspect once again has overtaken speed and the general superior athletic qualities of the US. 3:30am and I hope I am witnessing a miracle in the making :gr:
  23. What a bummer. No way I'll get up at 2:00am to watch the game.....but I probably will.Why do they feel they need the time change I wonder (probably mind games to establish who calls the shots even before the game, or is it to do with Las Vegas gambling)! To return the favor I think drug tests for all USA palyers should be requested from the Hellas side. This ought to send them scrambling ;)
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