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  1. What's his position? How many matches did he play this season?
  2. You mean, me personally to watch Olympiakos?
  3. I think I read that the game against Olympiakos will be suspended due to weather conditions.
  4. Happy New Year, guys! I watched the match in Kalithea, we were very unlucky and the result is not fair. Nevertheless, the team cannot so far win easily any match (except vs Kalloni), we are very vulnerable in defence and we lack a "Vitolo type" midfielder, as well.
  5. Hi Greg, I missed all of you guys!
  6. Γεια σου φίλε μου Μήτσο!!!
  7. Hello mate, thanks for the welcome!
  8. Didn't have the chance to watch a match so far, who did? I am very curious to know what you guys think about the current roster etc.
  9. Hello everybody! El_Cid is back, well actually renamed since "El_Cid" was not accepted as a username!
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