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  1. Hope someone can help out.......looking to purchase the ethnosyma (Greek flag) patch that is on all the greek league jerseys this season. Purchasing AEK jersey from teamshop, but they don't offer or include.
  2. Vranies starting as right back, yikes!
  3. No issues with mine after washing / drying
  4. Tell me how Morais is more competent than Ketsbai? They both suck. Horrible, in game decisions by the coach. Taking Aravidis out, and putting Almeida on the left wing cost us the 3 points!
  5. Makes no sense to bench Simoes for Lambro!! Can't understand coaches that try to outsmart themselves!
  6. Big game tomorrow. In years past, these are games where we have dropped points. Not having a solid back up for Almeida will hurt, but Mantalos back in the lineup will help for sure. Seems like we're always talking about the lack of a solid striker! As we saw last week, Pekhart is not the answer. I hope that the rumors of Lambro in midfield are just that, rumors!! PAME AEK!!!
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