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  1. we were on the way to an easy victory at 2-0, were playing well, but let them back in with a goal, then totally collapsed, and played like rubbish the last 20 and were lucky not to lose. Can't expect to make playoffs with results like this. pissed off bigtime!
  2. Excellent result against a tough opponent at their home. What's with all the cards given out tonight? 7 yellow and two reds to AEK, and 3 yellows to Larissa. Surely we didn't foul that bad. Apparently Chygrynskiy's yellow was from him kicking the ball and it hitting the opponent's head? Anyone can confirm if it was a yellow?
  3. With this win hopefully confidence keeps growing within the team. Just heard on sport-fm that Holebas will no longer play for the NT.
  4. Us fans deserve better than this. We have been promised so much from those in charge, and we were all excited for this season with positive signs. This is the worst Olympiacos team I have seen in a long time, and we couldn't even turn up and make a game of it. Who is to blame? Well the coach for starters, but the starting 11 no matter who was there should have done better than that. Would Simoes have really changed the outcome of the game if the mentality of the team was a loser one as shown by their pathetic display last night? What a wake up call this has turned out to be.
  5. missed opportunity, disappointing result with so much to play for at home. Now we must learn from this, no point will be easy this season.
  6. Unbelievable results with all other big teams losing points when not expected, we need to show no fear against Iraklis. Pame AEKARA!
  7. Bravo AEK, any away win is always good. Still early days, the team is finding its feet, sure we should have put Veria away in the first half, but the important thing is we didn't concede any stupid goals either. Almeida's sub was due to his back problem like last week. I hope it was just a precaution to not aggravate it further.
  8. Back in 2004, i had made an AEK theme for the Sony Ericsson K750i handset. Did anyone on here ever happen to download and use it? I think i had the ringtone with the E E Enosi soundfile. http://www.zedge.net/theme/28389/
  9. Thanks Amorgos, yes i did post there on a few occasions, but that place went downhill fast. Hopefully this place stays civilised, and we keep getting more AEKtzides onboard.
  10. Looks like Simoes will be starting against Veria, but Lazaros is still a question mark at this moment. Head to head we beat Veria both times last season, but we were 1-0 down in the away match last year before winning 2-1, so we can't let our guard down. They will be hungry to cause a home upset after the thumping they copped in the openning round. The match is on at 3am Sydney time (Sunday morning), i will be away for the weekend but will do my best to stay up for this. Original, bravo for making the effort to try and go to as many AEK games whilst you're there.
  11. What a nice way to start the season, and some great goals already. Almeida just looks the goods, he is quality, and if he can stay fit and healthy, we can expect him to be a key player in the big derby's. Chygrynsky was awesome, and his hairstyle is a bonus for the team to look even better on the field :) Didn't notice Lescott do much, but just seeing him on the pitch in an AEK jersey was great, and i'm sure he will feature in coming matches. Xanthi are not a crap side, they actually played ok and missed some good chances too, so to beat them 4-1 is a top result, and i really think they have the potential to take a few points away from the other big teams. Original, you lucky prick, i wish i was there too but i will have to accept the crapy Sydney internet streams for now. Post some photos when you get a chance.
  12. I can't find any working streams and it's all happening! AEKARA!
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