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  1. The blamming of Luceacou is by puppets of Ivan trying to take the heat of him. 

    How is it Razvans fault that he doesnt have a striker, a number 10, a left winger, a left back???? 

    Today Lyratzis was junk

    Veirinhia shouldnt be playing for PAOK anymore... 

    Dandas is not good enough for PAOK starting 11 , while he has talent - why is it PAOKs job to make him become a better player at our expense? 

  2. Not money laundering, he robbed a major Australian bank $300m  AUD by taking out loans using fake paperwork and then he ran to Greece.... after he parked heaps of money in Greece...one of the biggest financial crimes in Australian banking history..

  3. Very average , definately not tittle contenders. 

    It looks like well battle it out for 3rd / 4th place. 

    Zivkovic was horrible 

    Narey was lively but his final touch is off

    Kutric doesnt do much 

    Lyratzis and Tsaousis looked alive but did not help offensively 

    Tomas made a niousense of himself but not enough to win us the match. 

    We lack overall quality

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