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  1. Tarik even after an ACL injury would be a great addition. Not sure about the russian, russians dont seem to do well abroad... Kotarski looks to be sold, who will replace him?
  2. The sale is guna happen so we can continue to operate... Ivan seems no to be an investor rather a technokrat!
  3. This is like the 8th or 9th transfer period where we have gone in with high hopes and half way through not signed anyone I remember we started talking about trasnfers from May...again.
  4. I think 17,000 season tickets and we risk f***ing up another chance to play CL and change our fate once and for all. Ivan has made all his money + profit from PAOK if he carnt do it anymore time to move along.
  5. We thank Ivan. Time to go... No money move on rouski
  6. I dont respect my club when they tell us lies. Why say Ignasson wanted to be closer to home? obviously a lie
  7. If Ignasson goes to Panathinaikos it proves Ivan will sell anyome once a real offer comes in! I dont belive Salzburg offer 18m euros. He would of drove Delias theit himself
  8. Enough of the psema Ivan. Wheres this stadium?
  9. I dont like russians or lefties But im Paok to the core
  10. Marcos A was on 1m ,he wage is now gone and we baught in Camara.. why dont we sign Giannoulis to put pressure on Baba? why dont we sign a left whinger, as no way Taison will do what he did last season... Going into a champions league qualifiers season with Samata & Brandon is just mind blowing. Maybe Ivan should sell.... Or bring in a partner.... Last 7 seasons his made money from PAOK We look to sell 20,000 season passes and all we need is 3-4 players to take us to another level and tipota... Do you blame Razvan for being pissed?
  11. Players will play anywhere the $$$ are put on the table. We needed a left winger & a striker this transfer period. We so far have signed camara as a replacement for Marco A and kept out squad. Surely we can sign two decent players this week, it can be Ivan riding a horse holding a trophy be the image that sits in our head of this summer period
  12. If anyones from Sydney, reach out as our new PAOK syndesmo is having another get together om 25th July.
  13. Weve been waiting patinetly all summer so far... every day.... Everyday another bs story...
  14. What is wrong with Ivan? 14,000 season pass holders & still not one signing. Camara just a replacement for Marcos antonio so far
  15. Whats the deal with Miete? He surely is a must sign...
  16. Anyonr else heard that we have signed Fabiano from aris on a free transfer?
  17. Forums back! What are everyones thoughts on this danish stricker from Spain? Is it a good enough addition?
  18. Toskitisis also said camara is a done deal...
  19. Woah been in the clouds last 3 days! What a season! Ivan drop the cash now no excuses
  20. If Aris beat us paoktzidis will burn down harilaou lol we got this
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