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  1. 100% right!!!One word: Rubbish. A Quick Run Down of the World Cup Squad Chalkias - Terrible Avraam - Looks Lost and Unco Tziolis - Sh!thouse. What does he do? Spyropoulos - Average Krygiakos - Slide Tackling Monkey, Slow Vyntra - Play him at CB please ..FFS he's not a left or right back. Play him in the middle. Shits on Moras and Avraam Moras - Deeeeerrrrrrrrr, what day is it!? Xipna re!!!! Avraam - s**** - in capitols S, K, A, T, A Katsouranis - Lazy F*ckwit - Showpony!!!! Patza - Well past his best... which wasn't all that good. Charisteas - Lethal from set pieces...and nothing else Kapetanos - Are you serious??? Gekas - Goal poacher only. Ok. Salpigidis - Looks fast, looks busy... but he's not. Weak left and right foot, poor delivery The following players are fine Sifakis Tzorvas Giourkas Papastathopoulos Torosidis Karagounis Ninis Samaras How Otto selected Kapetanos over Mitroglou says it all. KATSOURANIS IS DONKEY - Over n' out!
  2. Knee Reconstruction, is out of the World Cup... won't be back till the start of next season.
  3. Latest update, we've lost out first game, no ninis or mitroglou 13/11/2009 Lithuania 1 - 0 F.Y.R. Macedonia 14/11/2009 England 1 - 0 Portugal 17/11/2009 Lithuania 0 - 0 England Portugal 2 - 1 Greece Teams Pld W D L GF GA Pts Greece 6 4 1 1 9 5 13 England 5 3 2 0 10 5 11 Portugal 5 2 1 2 8 6 7 Lithuania 6 1 2 3 3 7 5 F.Y.R.M 6 0 2 4 7 14 2 Upcoming fixtures in 2010 03/03/2010 England - Greece 11/08/2010 Lithuania - Portugal 03/09/2010 Portugal - England 04/09/2010 F.Y.R. Macedonia - Greece 07/09/2010 England - Lithuania Portugal - F.Y.R. Macedonia
  4. Two things, when Otto goes next yr - Nikos Nioplias will be the new coach, this is a given. Sifakis is better then Tzorvas and will prove that before the world cup starts next yr.
  5. By 2012 Greece will have one of the better teams in Europe.The squad that goes to the world cup will contain players who will be at there peak in 2012 - Sifakis, Tzorvas, Papastathopoulos, Vyntra, Pliatsikas, Ninis, Koutsianikoulis, Mitroglou, Spyropoulos, Torosidis are all still young.
  6. I'm sorry Avraam is a f*ckin disaster that should never play for the Ethniki ever again. The man is a minger!!!!!As of Nov 2009 the 23 man squad should be. Sifakis Tzorvas Eleftheropoulos -- Kyrgiakos Moras Giourkas Papastathopoulos Spyropoulos Kyriakos Papadopoulos Vyntra -- Tziolis Pliatsikas Patsazoglou Torosidis Katsouranis Karagounis Ninis Koutsianikoulis -- Gekas Samaras Salapindis Charisteas Mitroglou Amanatidis misses out as he won't have played any football leading into the comp, looks like he needs a knee reconstruction. I'd go Eleftheropoulos as 3rd choice keeper ahead of Chalkias and take both Koutsianikoulis and Kyriakos Papadopoulos for the experience. NO AVRAAM - Sorry he's out! We nearly didn't qualify in the world's easiest group because of this goof. He didn't play against the Ukraine and we conceded no goals in 180 mins - GoodNight!
  7. we have 7 months which will be littered with friendlies. Ninis and co. will get there chance to prove their worth
  8. Despite stinging media criticism following their lacklustre performance in the first leg where Greece fielded five defenders, he stuck to his guns and again flooded his back line. "We will play exciting football when we have (Lionel) Messi, Kaka, (Andres) Iniesta and Xavi on the team," Rehhagel said jokingly. I'll post my thoughts shortly.
  9. It's on live 4.55am ESPN in AUS. Check out the Greek players all wearing Swine flu masks http://www.sport-fm.gr/article/204683
  10. Am I reading that correctly AVRAAM for PAPASTATHOPOULOS!!!!???????????? If Otto pulls a m*****a like that he needs to be executed. After Tzorvas let the ball roll under his foot he should be stood down. Can someone please tell that f*ckwit Kyrgiakos to stop slide tackling!!!! Please God, perform another miracle so that we get through!! We can then Sack the following; Otto Kyrgiakos Avraam and Tsorvas
  11. We're as good as gone. Ukraine were poor and we had two shots on goal both of which were from set pieces - NOT GOOD ENOUGH!!!! What about Tzorvas letting the ball go under his foot!!? Calamity! Did anyone else notice just how crap Kyriakos is - SLIDE TACKLING FREAK!!!!
  12. Xestikame! 5 at the back! 3 Central Defenders with 2 Wing Backs and Tzorvas in Goal.
  13. Tzorvas!!??? How can anyone pick this clown ahead of Sifakis!? Tzorvas has played less then 25 senior games and is a f*ckin poor. Watch the game against Latvia - when they scored he nervously looked over to the bench. Then when we were up by 4 or 5 he started jumping around like clown over exaggerating every save. Sifakis is solid with over 130 senior games under his belt. I'll go on record - If Tzorvas (part timer) gets the nod ahead of Sifakis we'll get pumped and Otto should get sacked. NO TZORVAS!!!
  14. Thank F*ck!!!!Sifakis is a very good GK without the theatrics. Would love to see Otto give Ninis a crack at home.
  15. According to the reuters Greece (probable): Kostas Chalkias, Loukas Vintra, Sotiris Kyrgiakos, Evangelos Moras, Nikos Spiropoulos; Giorgos Karagounis, Kostas Katsouranis, Alexandros Tziolis; Giorgos Samaras, Theofanis Gekas, Angelos Charisteas Ukraine (probable): Andriy Pyatov, Vasyl Kobin, Yaroslav Rakytsky, Oleksander Kucher, Olexiy Gay, Sergiy Nazarenko, Ruslan Rotan, Anatoliy Tymoschuk, Evgeniy Hacherydy, Artem Milevskiy, Andriy Shevchenko
  16. I've seen him play many times since 04, and unless you're popping pills, its obvious he doesn't play anything like he use to. You might want to watch some of his games w/ someone who understands the sport, then go sit on your thumb and think about it. So the team looked better when we lost to Switzerland and drew with Moldova in September then it did in October against Latvia.Please tell me Giourkas was not one of our better players last month.
  17. That's ridiculous. Kyrgiakos was an absolute rock in the qualifiers of Euro 2004, not to mention the top scorer! Antzas I thought was crap, but his performance in Turkey was top class. Seitaridis' last good game for Greece was at home to Norway in the qualifiers for Euro 2008. What are you smoking?Kyrgiakos leading scorer for the Euro 2004 Qualifiers?? He has scored three goals in his entire career two against Norway and one against the Turks from memory - nothing to write home about and they were all in the 2008 qualifiers. Please do not mention Kyrgiakos and 04 - they just don't go together. What don't you talk about the amount of goals we've concede due to his f*ck ups!!? Antzas is s%$#!!!! What, one good performance?? Please. Rubbish. According the Greek press Otto has hinted that the backline will be; Vyntra (Rubbish), Kyrgiakos (Rubbish),
  18. I love this bloke!! Calls it like it is.Avraam is f*cking disgusting! For me Moras and Kyrgiakos are not much better! All we need is Tsorvas in goal and then we are really F*CKED! With Giourkas out 1. Sifakis 3. Spyropoulos 4. Good luck finding someone! 5. Papastathopoulos 2. Torosidis
  19. Since 04 - compared to Avraam, Moras, Kyrgiakos, Antzas, Vyntra, Goumas - Giourkas has been God like! Happy to watch any game you recommend that proves me wrong. Just watch the last two qualifiers - he was playing without a club and was one of our best.
  20. Why do you bother posting when you've obviously got no idea. How many games have you watched Giourkas actually play since 04? Sit down.FYI - Giourkas is out injured, major blow.
  21. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!! YES!!!! HE DID IT!!!! CHECK IT OUT - http://goal4replay.net/VideoWatchF.asp?ID=33797&Ln=En Sotiris Kyriakos with the unnecessary slide tackle and bingo Liverpool cop a late equalizer What did i tell you???? HAHHAAHAHAHAHAHHA - F*CKIN Yifto!!! BRING BACK DELLAS - Kyriakos made this legend look bad OH HOLD ON - I JUST FOUND THIS http://www.epltalk.com/lyon-1-1-liverpool-...-the-reds/12638 "But while the Reds battled as hard as they could with what they had, they came undone by a horrible defensive error near the end of the game when Greek defender Sotirios Kyrgiakos fell down in the box and let Lisandro Lopez knock the ball past Reina and into the goal. Kyrgiakos
  22. Euro2004, Genome,I'm sorry but Sotiris Kyriakos is the worst Greek defender of all time. I've posted this numerous times. He boarders on disgraceful. He reminds me a lot of the defenders that played in the World Cup in 94. Would have looked good in the 70' and 80's - slide tackling, ball watching freak!! Greece won Euro 04 because Dellas was absolute class and Kyriakos was injured at the time...FACT!!!!! Did you not see his disgusting performance in Euro 08 against Sweden??? Please don't try and justify it - just watch. To save you time forward to 4:34 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=doiTck6K-os Here is a player who got caught out playing for the foul instead of trying to win the ball which directly led to Sweden's second goal. He then feigned injury trying to cover up his f*ck up. He was also partly at fault for the first goal by ball watching the 1-2 He's hands down the best centre-back Greece has my arse!!! Watch the game against Israel, we're up one-nil and what has this guy done... created 3 chances for Israel by unnecessarily slide tackling every blade of grass, missing everytime. He's made Ben Sahar look world class. All he does is slide tackle. While all world class centre backs in 2009 know you should always stay on your feet....this prick just slide tackles...nothing more. Unless you can provide me with evidence that he is quality defender (don't waste your time) I rest my case. We need to tighten up our defense. GK - Sifakis RB - Giourkas CD - Papastathopoulos CD - ? LB - Spyropoulos Torosidis should play in the mid. Just for the record, Avraam and Moras are just as s%$#!.
  23. Looks like Sotirios Kyrgiakos is going to be fit. What a shame!!! Even the English Press have started referring to him as the 'Greek tragedy' http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/...fa-Benitez.html It didn't take long. OTTO!!!!!! Pls don't select this clown! Kyrgiakos, Avraam, Moras, Tzorvas - OUT!!!!!
  24. If Avraam ever plays for the NT again it just goes to show how influencial Olympiakos are in Greek football. World's biggest minger!
  25. SIFAKIS MUST BE IN GOAL If OTTO goes for CHALKIAS, NIKOPOLIDIS or even worse TZORVAS (disgusting) we're f*cked!!
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