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    Olympiacos deserves nothing but respect, they reached the final with a lower budget than Fenerbahce.
  2. Turkish basketball has a lot of money but we dont know how to spend this money the correct way, for example Fenerbahce Ulker has been investing lots of money for years in basketball but we dont see any improvement, reaching the final four is still a dream for the Turkish clubs, Efes Pilsen is the only Turkish team that managed to reach the final four once but they had never a chance winning it, as for the national team, bringing Ataman has headcoach wont solve a thing, Turkey wont be able to reach the final of a major tounrament ever again, we are not one of the big basketball nations in the world despite our FIBA ranking, Turkish basketball has improved a lot but not enough, we think that money is the key for success but we miss the brains to use this money the right way. We do have a good youth development in Turkey but like I said, if you miss the brains to benefit from this you wont be getting anywhere.
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