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  1. Now I'm trying to watch the panathanaikos euro league game and I'm getting a black screen. The first 3 sporting events I've sat down to watch is nothing but a black screen. So just when is this service going to be worth the money?
  2. Well I have fios and beinsport is not offered. I was expecting to watch the Barcelona real game on the ote channel but all I got was a blank screen.
  3. The difference is Mytv works. If the Ellas tv works the way it should it is a far superior service
  4. Ok my love affair is over. It always seem to buffer a lot and ote sport 1 and 2 hasn't worked in the 10 days that I've had it. I was watching mad tv this morning and it kept on buffering and showing the same shakira video for almost an hour. The mytv program seems to be better quality at half the price
  5. The Irish channels show a lot of soccer and movies and is the reason why they keep those channels on
  6. I've had it for about a week and I love it. It has 3 nova sport channels, Disney and nickelodeon in Greek for my kids, mad music video channels and Greek sitcoms, concerts, and movies on demand
  7. try using firefox to purchase the game. For some reason I couldn't purchase it using microsoft internet explorer.
  8. setanta channel will show the game live here in the states for free but the Rangers-Pao game will be for $20.00 and available only at bars
  9. http://www.nba.com/rockets/news/Rockets_ti...-238766-34.html this link says fox sports houston will show the game
  10. any channels in greece showing the games?
  11. how did the program work during the Greece-Turkey game? Did it buffer or go down at all?
  12. The city only has turkish places showing the game. If you want to take the train to watch the game you should go to the Nisyrian Club in astoria because its a block away from the subway. If you want to drive to watch the game go to Oasis but get there early to find parking. Bar/Venue St. Johns Thelogos/Nisyrian Club Address 3180 41st Street City Astoria, NY 11103 Phone 718-545-6480 Bar/Venue Oasis Cafe (NY) Address 196 - 30 Northern Blvd. City Bayside, NY 11357 Phone 718-357-4843
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