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  1. Only $254.00. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :gr:
  2. I noticed when it plays Kalimera Zoi and Lampsi, they have the old ANT1 20 logo on the screen. For everything else, they use the new ANT1 prime logo. Who knows what's that about. :blink:
  3. According to the GreekTV-America website, they have already raised the price of the complete Greek package from $39.99 to $46.99. :nono: You guys that have received your new receivers, are the other channels even broadcasting yet?
  4. If they block them again, I won't cry about it. My life doesn't revolve around Mega. There was life before Mega and there will be life after Mega. The way Mega has treated its omogenia, they've been nothing but a Mega pain. That's just my opinion.
  5. Go to the Mega website and click the tab on top that says "
  6. I hope so too. On another note, I'm not missing Mega much since I'm able to watch "I Zoi tis Allis" and "Mystika tis Edem" online on the Mega website.
  7. They added it a few days after their debut on the Euro-World/Home2US platform.
  8. DKSat, what info do you have concerning this matter?
  9. That's the point I was trying to get across. It's like GMTV put in a DVD to play continuously in repeat mode. I wasn't referring to music style or attacking you on your music preference nor was I saying that I prefer just pop. No hard feelings. :)
  10. Hey GMG! RIKSat FREE on www.cybc.com.cy! How about that deal!
  11. GMTV beats Blue, hands down? :LOL: Are you freakin' kidding me? I'm not one to sit in front of my TV and watch music videos all day, but at least Blue looks like a real music channel. GMTV is low budget crap they must have found in small town Hellas. (I know they're from Galatsi, but I'm trying to make a point).
  12. How are you getting Mega at the moment? You mentioned that you're planning to order it tomorrow? :unsure:
  13. I got an e-mail reply from GreekTV-America about why the website is not up and this is what they wrote me: Thank you for your e-mail. The web-site will be up and running as soon as possible. In the meantime, please find below the information reading the Greek television. We are currently offering the Mega Cosmos package for $19.99 a month, other channels we are offering in the near future are GMTV, Riksat, Star International and Alter. As soon as they are available we will let the viewers know and you are able to add them to your package. If you have a DirecTV antenna we are offering you
  14. Concerning this GreekTV-America, what's the point of having a website if you're not going to have much information on it. All they say is Mega Cosmos now available and the other 4 channels coming soon. They list 2 phone # and a fax # and that's about it. It's like they're all secretive about it. And don't get me started on the GMG site! In my opinion, this is a bonehead move by Mega and I wouldn't be surprised if they went crawling back to Dish in the near future.
  15. GreekTV-America website updated. New info: Mega Cosmos now available. Coming soon - RIKSAT, Alter, Star, and GMTV! That's about it. What a company! :LOL:
  16. I know what you wrote and what they told you but it troubles me that the day is almost over and they still don't have the website up. I mean what kind of people do they have working over there?
  17. The way this is going, who knows if these channels will actually show up on May 1st.Mega may be the #1 rated channel in Greece, but outside of Greece, they've screwed w/ us royally big time. If it was possible,I wish I could strip them of their title. :angry:
  18. I just got a e-mail reply from GMG and this is what they wrote me: Mega is available through EWN.Pls call our 1-800-306-7526 to get your free equipment and one month FREE Preview. Pls let them know that you are DirecTV subscriber in order to get the offer. If busy, pls call 1-888-788-3876 TITAN team
  19. It's puzzling to me that April 1st is a little over half over and yet still no announcement from the GreekTV-America website and absolutely no update on the Greek Media Group website. If it's a done deal what are they waiting for? :nono:
  20. Please tell me this is an April Fools Joke?! I hate this day, can we just skip April 1 and go directly to April 2?! I don't think DKSat jokes. What DKSat says is pretty legit. I've been following the forum for 4 1/2 years and everything DKSat reports has pretty much been true. DKSat is the most reliable person we have on this forum when it comes to news on the Greek channels. :tup:
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