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  1. Imo, you can't blame individual players. The problem is that the team as a whole lacks cohesiveness, discipline, and consistency. All three can be cultivated by the team's coach. I wonder how much training, practice, and organization Skibbe has put in with this team? Based on their performance overall, I would guess very little. They need a better coach that can effectively organize and play up the strengths of the team. I hope they do not renew his contract after this fiasco.
  2. My heart says yes. I want to believe yes. It would be so amazing to suddenly see a dramatic change in the way way this team plays, and deep down there is a glimmer of (false) hope that this will somehow miraculously happen on Tuesday. Unfortunately, out NT's performance in the last two games is a good indicator of what to realistically expect. Ivory Coast is not Russia in 2010. This team is very energetic and aggressive in attack. They will eat us alive on Tuesday. Can you realistically see out NT even putting away any goals? Our team has no offensive capability. Santos' strategy (if you can call it that) seems to be blunting our opponents play/attack in the midfield, and relying on our defensive wingmen for offense; which has been burning us on the counterattack as it leaves our flanks completely exposed. We are basically playing a 5-4-1 that looks like a. 4-5-1/4-3-3 on paper (look at the formation charts on fifa's website). We need to instead push our midfielders forward and use them more offensively in tandem with our strikers. We should have two strikers up front (not one point man). The whole strategem reeks of weakness and lack of confidence in the team. kind of feel bad for Gekas for getting so much flack, as he had been mostly left isolated in the front for most of the times he's been on the pitch. The few chances he missed were awful, but there is not much a lone striker can do if he is left isolated in no man's land just waiting for that 1 lucky chance. Just my 2 cents. I could be wrong.
  3. Ninis is good, but I wouldn't build the future team around him alone. He's still very, very young, and he has a lot of promise. Katsarounis, Karagounis, Patsa, Charisteas, etc., etc need to go IMMEDIATELY. I've been disappointed with Papastathopoulos these past few matches. Very aggressive, yes. But very undisciplined. You can't give an opponent set pieces as gifts. Too many unnecessary fouls and bad clearances. To the poster above, why is this Topalidis' last match? He has been good friends with Otto for years back in Germany (before Otto even took over the NT). Is this a sign Otto is on his way out too???? The guy is 72, how much more can he really go???
  4. Salpin and Gekas wouldn't have made a difference. We were playing for the tie, and it was working until Papastathopoulos gave them a corner for no reason...Tzorvas was amazing A++ Samaras was great up front alone..A+++ very dangerous and great ball control. Gekas and Salpi are seriously lacking here. All in all, I think we were the toughest competition. We went in there with our trademark catennacio style, and played it well! Bravo sta paidia!! We won a match and stay up in the rankings...our Euro 2012 group looks good. Don't get too excited about Otto leaving (which he most likely will); Topalidis is probably next in line.
  5. Game over. I'm at least proud of the fact that we gave them hell tonight. Now on to Euro 2012
  6. Well, according to Greek media, this will be tomorrow's lineup ---------------------------Tzorvas---------------------------- ----------------------------Moras (libero)-------------------- Seitaridis-----Avraam (marking messi)---Papastathopoulos----Torosidis ----------------Tziolis (supporting avraam)----------------------- -------------------Katsouranis---Vyntra-------------------------- ------------------------------------Karagounis------------------ ----------------------------Salpingidis--------------------------- 5-4-1 with Moras as libero, Avraam marking Messi, and Tziolis supporting Avraam. Good luck!! :LOL:
  7. 5-4-1 is the formation to go here. 1) It's critical in my opinion that the defenders and mids move in tandem against any oncoming Argentinian onslaught; sort of like a pincer movement in military terminology. In other words, whenever an Argentinian player comes into our field, the mid and defense will hopefully meet him together -- pinching like pliers -- and clearing the ball out of the area. We cannot afford to give them any space tomorrow. 2) Kyrgiakos, Gekas, Torosidis, etc. need to be more aggressive during set pieces. They need to make contact with the ball and score during any opportunities. I'm hoping for a miracle tomorrow, but realistically the team will f-- up somewhere, and we will be knocked out....
  8. Watching the Nigeria match, I kept seeing Rehhagel on the sidelines violently gesturing for the team to attack. Seems the players like to stay in their shell and play behind the ball, especially when they are in the lead. It's all or nothing now, I don't understand their mentality. Otto's fault for selecting such a crappy 23
  9. Honestly, Argentina has no mid. Their strength is on the wings, and Maradona plays 6 strikers!! We need to pack our mid with defenders. If we play too loose, we're going to fall into Maradona's trap. I think Otto should play the following: -------------------------------GK-------------------------------- Seitaridis---Papastathopoulos-----Kyrgiakos---Spyropoulos ------------Torosidis---------------Moras------------------------ --------------------------Katsouranis----------------------------- ----Ninis-------------------------------------------Karagounis---- ---------------------------Samaras-------------------------------
  10. What do you guys want Torosidis to say?? Argentina is in fact leaps and bounds ahead of us. Who cares, anyway? I don't even bother trying to gauge the players' mentality based on their post-game commentary. It's all meaningless. It's what happens on the field that matters. Greek mentality will always be negative, no matter what they say on the surface..it's endemic to our culture. Argentina still needs at least a tie to qualify, so they are not going to take this game lightly. However, I do have hope. I think we play better against big teams like this. Especially finesse teams that like to play the beautiful game. It's too late to make any changes now, so the best bet is to grind out a tie and hope for a Nigeria win. As for playing attacking soccer, like I said above, it's too late at this point; and Otto didn't make the right selections to begin with.
  11. Argentina and Korea, b/c of the goal difference and head to head.
  12. We're not going to beat Argentina, and unless they pull another 94 and get disqualified for cocaine use, we're likely not gonna progress into the round of 16th. At least with this win we can leave with our heads up high. Geok, na euxaristas pou den eisofarisame/xasame...tote tha ginomastan entelios rezili s'olo tou kosmou!!! My hope is that with this win we at least stay up in the rankings for the Euro, and that Otto finally retires.
  13. Panagia mazi mas simera :rolleyes:
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