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  1. Imo, you can't blame individual players. The problem is that the team as a whole lacks cohesiveness, discipline, and consistency. All three can be cultivated by the team's coach. I wonder how much training, practice, and organization Skibbe has put in with this team? Based on their performance overall, I would guess very little. They need a better coach that can effectively organize and play up the strengths of the team. I hope they do not renew his contract after this fiasco.
  2. OOPS, the above entry was for GREECE NORWAY TOPIC
  3. In the end they all win; all of them will be millionaires in the next couple of years - especially Ninis! :LOL:
  4. Mitroglu and Ninis need to be on the senior team...serious, Brazil style, talento!!!!
  5. HA HA, I was thinking the same thing..let's hope not!! hahhaha :gr: :gr: :gr:
  6. Real Madrid Monitoring Panathinaikos' Midfielder Sotiris Ninis - Los Blancos' Agent in U-19 Greece Match Against Spain http://www.worldcuplatest.com/real-madrid-...s-mid-4761.html Yes, it's true
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