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  1. This is a very important match and and we need to win if we want to finish first. Against pao we played very bad and pao were much better than us. If it wasn't for the red card, they would have got back into the game. We need to play better. Another thing I don't get is our fans not turning up. This is a very important match and our fans need to turn up.
  2. Original 21 the only thing I would change maybe is signing 2 starting cb. Kolovetsios is good but is far too inconsistent. In Europe I don't know if he could hack the level and he isn't actually that young too, he should start to mature now, look at sokrati, he was ready at the age on 19. I really like him but he is inconsistent and that would cost us in europe. Other than that I do agree with your suggestions.
  3. A video I made for Bakasetas, hope you guys like it.
  4. Cheers file and yeah definitely, he plays with so much passion and loves the club so much. I can't remember an AEK player playing with so much passion, maybe stelios manolas or nikolaidis only. And yeah he isn't the most talent of players but he is still a valuable player, he does work very hard.
  5. We played really well especially in the 2nd half. Platellas impressed me a lot and definitely deserves more playing time. We should have also had two clear penalties which would have won us the game much earlier. I am a big fan of bakasetas, I just hope we sign him. He has said he is a an AEK fan so that might help us signing him, it is also very important to have players that support the club like aravidis, players that can represent the club and have passion when the play for us.
  6. A video I made for the greek cup.
  7. Bravo AEKARA I am so proud of our players, they gave everything to win this and our players wanted more than there's. Many people are upset there were no fans put that might of helped us. I do think if their were oly fans there fans would have urged them to play better cause they were playing appalling and there players would have played with more urgency. I no you could say the same for us but it is our ground and we do play their every home game so we had the advantage even though there were no fans. Btw girtzikis showed how bikramemos he was and showed he didn't want us to win. Also theothoridis and siovas are a joke too, just bad looses, we were the better team and we deserved to win it.
  8. As much I believe our team needs a lot of work in order for us to become title contenders, the most important signing we could do is keeping poyet. If he was to leave, that would be a huge set back. Our players are dedicated to him and our squad have learnt his philosophy. Keeping poyet is the most important signing. But if we were to keep him, our main priority in the transfer market is signing a quality striker, an experienced center back and 2 wingers. I wouldn't mind barbosa starting next season, however we need to sign 2 more wingers, one as a starter and the other could be a starter or a back up to barbosa, apart from barbosa our wingers are poor.
  9. Thats the thing, if meli is not allowed to invest money into AEK but we all say he can find a way to put money into the club, thats when our club will get into huge trouble. It will look very rich coming from meli if he does something like that. After every game he she states, we all want a clean league and no corruption and if he gets caught doing this, the jokes on him. Also meli and marinakis are trying there best to get each other nicked, so doing something like this will be a very risky game to play cause they are both following each others foot steps so lets not think he can and will get away with something like this. I know its greece and we are such a corrupted nation however he has loads of enemies and people that want to get him locked up and most people in greece like marinakis know thats one thing he will want to do, so the league and marinakis will probably have loads of lawyers and investigators following everything melissanidis does. Its not as easy as it sounds because loads of people do not like meli and they do follow everything he does.
  10. Is there no way meli can invest money into the team, cause if thats the case I dont think we can win the league even in years to come. Were will the money come from, and we cant say from playing in europe, we need money to get into europe and and we need money to do well in europe. I dont our fans are realising that without meli investing money in, we wont win anything or do well in europe. I also read that AEK dont want to keep baroja because we are not willing to pay 250K, that is ridiculous. I remember all the ''erxomaste'' statements our team were making, I just dont think it is possible without spending any money or having a shareholder that invests money into the club.
  11. Reaper I'm not saying to build our team to be the best top 2 teams in the league, i'm mean we will need to be patient to compete with oly for the title and I know a lot of aek fans who expected us to win the league the second year back. But after they have seen we have not spent any money they know they have to be patient and wait maybe a few more years until we can compete for the title
  12. The thing I dont understand is that many aek fans say meli cant put any money into aek because of opap, now aek fans are complaining that he hasn't put money in yet, what is the deal? I think we have to be patient, I do believe we will be a very wealthy team in the future, we are being careful on our first couple of seasons back, we dont want spend more than what we earn and not achieve anything. but having said that we do need to buy a striker and a cb and we should spend at least 500K on transfers, I hope we do sign players cause pao have strengthened there squad and if we want to qualify for the cl we need to bring in some more players.
  13. We are a couple of signings away from having a great team and I dont understand why our board are not willing spend any money so our team can compete to qualify for the cl in the play offs and to win the cup this season.. I actually do think milovanovic should be given a lot of praise, for the amount of money he is allowed to spend and the small contracts he can offer to players, he has signed players like johanson and simoes who have been out best players of the season. I know he signed chrisantus but apart from him his signings have been good. Maybe we don't what's going in our board, maybe in a couple of years time, our board will spend money after we enter europe and get money, oly spend a lot of money, but marinakis is not the one who spends the money its the clubs money from playing cl and winning titles. Maybe our board want to have a couple of seasons were we make profit first and then we start spending some money. If we were to spend more than what we make and we dont do good we would have already started to make a loss which isn't what we want. Lets not forget we pay a lot of money to use oaka and to use spata so maybe we are going to be careful with money for the next seasons. We might just have to patient for the next for seasons.
  14. Very very disappointed with AEK, we missed a great chance to sign a good player that can make the difference. If that is true we were 10K short off we are stupid. Apparently his wages will be 500K which is reasonable, I dont understand why we don't spend any money. We will never catch up to Oly if we continue like this. Pao actually spend money, essien is get 1m per year, Pao went out and bought boumale and spend over 1m in transfer period before the season started and they aint richer than us. Seems like our board are just saving the money for themselves. We are actually doing very well for a team that spends nothing and dosn't offer expensive contracts. Apparently simoes and johanson both get like 200K, that is a joke, the deserve at least 400K contracts. And in the previous transfer period we were 100K short for lafferty, so we are a cheap club and we wont sign anyone. Poyet might also want to leave if he realises his club doesn't have a transfer budget and I dont blame him if he wants to leave.
  15. Orlando sa is the best option out of the players we are linked with, if we get him for that price that is a bargain, really he is worth around 2 million. And for those who have criticised Ukra, he is actually good player, aek fans thought he was a striker and looked at his record and criticised him, he is a winger, still his record is not the best but he is a winger that also plays right midfield a lot of the time, a bit of an old fashioned winger. He was capped by portugal this season so he cant be crap.
  16. I'm not too disappointed that he might leave. I do think he definitely deserves more time, I do think he deserves to play ahead of vargas at times and ahead of even aravidis at times were he has played on the wing a few times. I think he deserves more playing time and he should leave, I would prefer him going abroad however a team like asteras would be great for him. Apparently there are teams interested in Arzo and they might offer for him, any money for him would be great and we should sell him. I do like poyet but how can you play him over tzanetopoulos? We are also interested in a player called jordi figuearas and he could be arzo's replacement
  17. Apparently we are offering tzanetopoulos a new contract. Brilliant move imo. He will be a great cb in the future. I know a lot of AEK fans are annoyed with him for not accepting the contract we offered him but, if tsartas is telling him you can move to sevilla with the same or better wages you will accept that offer. We also cant get annoyed with tsartas, he is his agent and his duty is to find tzanetopoulos the best club and offer for him. I know he made a few mistakes in some games like against oly and has shown so inexperience, however he is a talent for the future. It is very important for us to keep him.
  18. So whats the deal can melissanidis put money into our club or not? Lots of people here were saying he couldn't because of his involvement in OPAP and some people were saying he could. What the deal here guys?
  19. This is what I was complaining about, that our board are not willing to pay anything for players, well this is what you get, even Pao have gone out and spent at least 1 mil on transfers this year on players. And this stock exchange I dont know, I really do believe we can spend money, if thats so how come our basketball team started spending money straight away and they went through bankruptcy too. Look we are not even close to oly this year, That could have been different if we signed a top class striker but we didn't. Plus we also needed another cb but we didn't go forward with that, if tzanetopoulos or kolovetsios get injured were screwed. Anyway very disappointed we didn't sign anyone, our hopes to compete this year look very slim.
  20. Original sydney I never said for meli to splash out the cash, and I actually mentioned about we need to be very careful with how we spend our money. Because we could easily get into debt again. But to at least spend some money on players, because buying free agents and also not willing to offer them contract over 400K isn't going to compete for the league. Btw I have a lot of respect for meli for what he has done, and they way he is running us is amazing and the players we have brought in have been great and we havent spent any money on them and they are on good contracts. We have targeted the correct players and I respect the work meli and milovanovic have done. But he is probably in the top 5 five richest people in greece, and this stock exchange thing, i'm sure they allow us to spend at least 2 mil on transfers? We are looking for a striker, Orlando sa was a great striker, but we werent willing to spend 1.5 mil for him and thats why we didn't get him, players like this make the difference and could have been the striker to push us to compete in the league. Anyway here is an article that says a bit about him wanted to win the league on the first season back, i remeber reading a more specific article but this also shows http://www.sport24.gr/football/omades/Aek/thelei-prwtathlhma-o-melissanidhs.3337866.html
  21. AEK haven't spent a single penny this year on transfers, melissanidis, bajevic and milovanovic have all said AEK want to win the league straight away. We can't if were not willing to pay any money for players or not offering them wages higher than 500K. We all said when melissanidis came AEK would be a team that would bring top quality players that would make us a Champions league team. We really dont have a transfer budget, and meli has been tight with his money. I am really happy with the players we have brought in without spending any money on them. Especially galo, johanson, vargas, simoes etc but we need star quality players to win the league of the gavroi because with the squad we have we wont. I agree we need to careful with how we spend our money so dont get in the same mess as before, but we need to spend some money on top quality players to compete. The last thing melissanidis wants is marinakis winning the league but if he isn't willing to spend money on top players, the gavroi will continue winning the league
  22. We need to make some big signings if we want to compete, because our signings so far will not do the job. Pao have a much better chance than us
  23. So glad were back in the superleague, with melissanidis I can only see a great AEK. Pame Aekara!!!
  24. Even though we are in the 3rd division, it's good news we are heading in the right direction, melissandiis is a successful businessman and knows how to run a club. I've bee reading we are building a new stadium, getting rid our debts and want to rebuild aek into a strong club like how we were before, even though this process should have been done later year it's better late then never.
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