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  1. uff, finally everything up to date with lisgaras and d'acol added to see how they are doing.

    my impression about our players on loan is that we should let mendrinos, lisgaras and d'acol where they are, but we have to get pappas back for next season. he has such a great year at kalamaria and i'm sure that he would be able to help us and maybe even win a starting spot.

    I agree

    do u think Mendrinos and D'acol are worth the hype ???

  2. He is officialy the most expensive Greek player!!!

    Good luck George!!!

    Actually second, Seitaridis got transfered for 10 mil. Not bad though, I'm surprised Hereveen actually got Man city to fork over that much, especially over a raw unproven talent like Samaras. Fans are going to have high expectations of him, hope he can play at those expectations. Good luck Samaras.
    hopefully Manchester city gets there money worht with Samaras unlike Dinamo
  3. In a few hours Pagdatis plays in the biggest game in his life

    his run to the Austrian open final is amazing b/c of where he is coming from but he has the second best streak at the moment

    which belongs to the undoubtadetly best player in the world in Roger Fedderer

    best to dominate this sport since Pete Sampras (Greek American lol )

    and even if Pagdatis slays the dragon or giant Federrer will still be the best in the world

    but Pagdatis needs only one day to be the best and it win a major grandslam

    the praises about his play has come from everywhere

    analysts, fans, opponents

    and wut can u say about his crazy supporters lol

    i know i am getting ahead of myself but if he is in the US open we Greeks and Cypriots here better organize ourselves to attend

    but for now Beat Fedderer

  4. OK but whats the catch? How would Real Estate and other banks make profit from it?

    for starters they can profit from it by leasing the stadio

    i think this project is also suppose to expand the Toumba area into a business area and that will increase the property value of that area

    but these are my assumptions

  5. i checked out the long clip

    and the best part wasn't the goals

    but the game being played in the snow

    and the PA announcer anouncing the scorer of the goals and both times he said Giorgos and the fans finished it off saying Samaras

    pretty cool lol

    and they played Zorba the Greek after he scored the 2nd goal lol

  6. but will the Paok fans fill the seats in the new gipedo

    i have no idea why Irakils got a new stadio when there not using it of course there team is wak

    hopefully if this happens

    the club will have money to be more competitive

    it would he a huge plus for hte Greek league

  7. http://www.rarlab.com/rar/wrar350.exe

    download this and install it

    Then you must download ALL the parts of a video and then just right click on the .part1 and extract it

    thats it

    you just have to do the extract command once in the 1st part of each video

    etc the goal of stoltidis is in 3 parts...download them.....and do right click in "akis vs pao 2005-06.rar.part1" and extract

    its works perfectly now

    thanks for the tip

    this is such a great site

  8. of course for free...


    sorry to keep on bothering u on this topic but which one do i download ??

    WinRAR 3.50 Graphic and command line Trial 989 KB

    WinRAR 3.50 on CNet site Graphic and command line Trial 989 KB

    RAR 3.50 for Pocket PC Graphic only Free 207 KB

    RAR 3.50 for Linux Command line only Trial 660 KB

    RAR 3.50 for MacOS X Command line only Trial 350 KB

    RAR 3.50 for DOS and OS/2 Command line only Trial 627 KB

    RAR 3.50 for FreeBSD Command line only Trial 322 KB

    the free one riight??

    now once i donwload winrar

    when i download an olympiakos clip it should open to my window media player w/o me doing anything else right??

    thanks for your help in advance

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